Driver gets on Dominic’s wires...

John Roddison
John Roddison
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SOME interesting interviews with Sheffield-area actor Dominic West in various magazines this week.

He’s the guy who played cop McNulty in American police drama The Wire.

“The first time I realised I was getting quite big in England was deeply unfortunate because it was during a road rage incident,” he tells hack. “I rolled the window down and started hurling abuse at this guy, then he went ‘Oh my God, it’s McNulty’.

“I suddenly thought ‘Oh crikey, I can’t be rude to people any more’.”

You can take the boy out of Yorkshire...

MORE Sheffield boys done good causing havoc, and reader John Roddison sends in this picture from Pulp’s first come back gig in Toulouse.

Seems Jarvis et al are still famous in this particular part of France for nearly setting fire to the trees when they last played there in the 1990s.

Still, as John reports back, it didn’t stop the continental crowd from repeatedly shouting: “I love you Jarveeees.”

AND a quick note from another reader, Eddie Cooper, who was interested to read Tuesday’s Diary piece about P J Sisman Electrical, in The Wicker.

Owner Philip’s an old friend from many moons ago and Eddie says he’ll be dropping in for his next lot of light bulbs.

The strange thing? “I’ve spent a few nights in the SADACCA club which is virtually next door,” writes Eddie. “And I didn’t notice the shop. Shows the state I must have been in.”