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I agree with George HJ Frederick (September 8), it is time to pull the plug on the soaps, particularly Emmerdale.

It has become so unbelievable that I no longer watch it any more.

I used to enjoy it when it was Emmerdale Farm.

The soap focused on the Sugdens, the down- to-earth farming family and the storylines were mostly on agriculture.

Then there was Amos Brearley, the grumpy landlord of the Woolpack and his long-suffering working partner Henry Wilks, a great double act, and my favourite character Seth Armstrong, played by the late great Stan Richards.

I loved the strokes he pulled on Amos and employer Alan Turner.

The gritty drama and the gentle humour has been replaced by doom and gloom, bed-hopping and all the crime scenes George HJ Frederick mentioned in his letter.

The storylines are similar to the other soaps played by a cast of third-rate actors. Emmerdale Farm has been reduced from a quality gem to downmarket trash.

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