Done up like a kipper

David Cameron
David Cameron
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Apparently a picture is worth a thousand words.

In a certain newspaper, a cartoon showed a baleful Mr Cameron, walking out of the EU parliament building dressed in naught but a fig leaf. Spot on!

He had effectively made wild claims that he would reform the EU single-handed.

This a task, which would have been patently impossible for Clark Kent on a good day – and recognised by any who have the most basic knowledge of the EU’s policy of acquis communautaire. (The what-we-have-we’re-gonna-keep principle.)

It is difficult to be sympathetic when someone has begun with both arrogance and a clear desire to deceive the public.

This very same scam was not spotted by the electorate in 1975 when Heath and Wilson conspired to con the British people in the last referendum.

He could perhaps have got away with it too – if his claims had not been quite so outlandish.

The phrase done up like a kipper comes to mind.

The EU mandarins were far too good for him. (Wanna bet that he is regretting his referendum now? After all, he had thought he had got real chums in Brussels.)

Taking the kinder view of Chamberlain returning from Munich back in 1939 – at least he may have bought us a few extra months to prepare to fight Hitler.

Cameron has only brought us trivialities with a few extra ones yet to come in order to display his negotiating genius.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, S13