Don’t put words in my mouth, face reality

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In response to B Heaton’s, “What does he want?”, letter question in the Star, April 12, what I want is for him/her not to put words in my mouth and to face up to EU parliament working reality.

In my letter I did not state that “we have ONLY 73 seats in an overall Parliament of 751 – as though this was a disparaging observation and that we should have more seats/votes. – I gave a figure of 73 seats out of 751. For the record, our 73 seats are made up of the largest party UKIP having 24 with 4376635 votes (26.77 per cent), followed by Labour 20 seats (24.74 per cent) and the Conservatives with 19 seats (23.31 per cent). The remaining 10 seats are shared between 7 other UK political parties.

While these 73 seats represent almost 10 per cent of the 751 members, the remaining 678 are voted in by the other 27 States, giving them a huge voting majority if they decide to work together against any UK proposal that they do not agree with.

Parliament gave the UK people a referendum on whether or not to remain in the EU. 17.5 million chose to leave and in our democratic system the majority vote wins – in this case c 1.5 million.

Rather than accept this vote we have a situation whereby some UK parliament MPs of all parties have taken it upon themselves to ignore the will of the people and decide that they know what is best for our country by doing everything they can to delay or cancel Brexit. This denial of democracy also extends to some of the UK MEPs apart from UKIP.

I also voted for my local Labour MP, but unlike B Heaton, if the Labour party continues to place delaying and sabotaging tactics in the way of a speedy Brexit, I shall certainly not be happy to continue to offer my future vote to them. As for the comments about our debt of gratitude to “Farage”, they are incorrect and laughable. NIgel Farage and his Party colleagues regularly attend the EU parliament. He sits on the front row of the assembly and they occupy the seats directly behind him.

The mainstream BBC media rather than “continually trashing Corbyn” has persistently been anti-Brexit – with “Saint Jeremy” being portrayed as our knight in shining armour coming to rescue us from the clutches of the dreaded Brexit.

The UK is a net annual contributor to the EU budget by c £7 billion – without our contribution the other 27 States would be in serious monetary trouble come budget time – hence them fighting tooth and nail to keep us in their union.

Any monies allocated by them to the UK are merely returning part of our net contribution given to their coffers.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5