Don’t miss Big O tribute

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The UK’s leading Roy Orbison tribute artist Barry Steele returns to Sheffield next year to play the City Hall on Thursday, March 23.

Anyone who has seen Barry’s performance will know what an excellent tribute he pays to The Big O.

Barry performs all the greatest hits plus tracks from Roy’s later career with The Traveling Wilburys. I urge any fan of The Big O to attend.

Dean Hopcroft

Richmond Park Grove, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13

Solidarity on unfair rule

Well done for highlighting the issue of Pay to Stay.

I am active in Gleadless Valley Labour Party, where we are currently interviewing 100 tenants about the changes coming from the new Housing & Planning Act.

Early responses show that even families with an income much lower than £30,000 feel the new rule is unfair.

In this community there remains a feeling of solidarity.

The second big change, with possible adverse affects on social cohesion, is that from April 2017 many new tenants will only get two-year tenancies. Why?

Tony Tigwell