Don’t mention the buses to mum

Buses in Sheffield.
Buses in Sheffield.
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I totally agree with Ron Hardy, Star Letter, Saturday, April 8.

All the regeneration of the city centre is exciting but unless you live in the areas served by the tram or the areas with a frequent bus service it means nothing at all to the people living in areas that have a really dire bus service.

I have never liked Meadowhall, in fact I call it Meadowhell!

I have always enjoyed going to Sheffield, but when I was working I never seemed to have the time, but since I’ve retired I just don’t have the inclination.

Until we have a better bus service in the Burncross/Old Charltonbrook area you are never going to attract people who have to rely on public transport to venture into the city. Who really wants to spend more time waiting for buses and travelling on buses than the actual time you spend in the city?

I am really excited about what is happening to Sheffield, and this is from someone who was born in London, but I am really disappointed that I won’t be able to enjoy it all because of the terrible bus service.

Anyway to quote my daughter who always says, when we are in company. “don’t mention the buses to mum”, I will take my leave.

Linda Cavanagh

Livingstone Road, S35