Don’t make me laugh

gritting vehicles
gritting vehicles
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So here we go again, a slight amount of disruption in the weather and the A57, one of the major routes to Manchester is shut for most of the day, (Friday).

Can you imagine if the Netherlands had the same attitude as we have in this country with regards to weather?

We have been told on the weather forecast to expect disruption over the coming week, so the Highways Agency should have been prepared.

I went over to Manchester the same day at 6am using my usual route with no problem, apart from Winnats Pass being closed, meaning I had to go through Bradwell, which added 20 minutes to my journey.

It was only at 7.30am that I found that the A57 was closed, not that I use this route any more.

Haven’t Derbyshire Highways got the resources, (salt), to keep this major road open?

I could understand if we had had a good snowfall but it was less than six inches, so don’t make me laugh.

We can allegedly put a man on the moon, dig a very large hole in London, (Crossrail), but when it comes to the most basic job we fail dramatically.