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Re the letter from “anon” in the Star, Tuesday, May 9, berating Jayne Grayson’s letters to this page.

She is entitled to write in as much as she likes, if you don’t like it don’t read it. At least she has the bottle to put her name to her letters instead of anonymously sniping at someone else.

Phil Holberry

Arbourthorne, Sheffield

Enraged and disgusted

We are just home from attending a funeral of a dear friend at Hutcliffe Wood Crematorium.

I am enraged and disgusted, as when we left the chapel the flowers from the bereaved gentleman had been stolen by some lowlife with dyed hair. We would just have liked to get our hands on the person concerned and, believe you me, they wouldn’t have stolen any more.

CCTV needs to be set up as apparently it happens regularly.



Heads will roll for this

EBW in Dronfield, (Star, May 3). “I’m aghast”. It must have been that awful day when it rained.

How he/she got through customs I will never know, questions will be asked and heads will roll.

And as for staying in Derbyshire, I would have thought it was obvious.

To keep away from people like you.

Have a nice day.

Justyn T

Dronfield Woodhouse. Just over the border.

Great to have Susan back

It certainly is a blessing to have Susan Richardson back on board

Her star letter in The Star this week is indicative of why we need this type of proper no politically correct garbage approach.

Certain communities have used this approach for far too long

Mr P G


Original rules?

Reading Monday’s Star I was interested to read about the Plough public house at Hallam and its claim to be where the original rules of football were drawn up.

Reputedly, I understood the rules to have been drawn up at Park View House or in a greenhouse in a garden at Olive Grove.

Does anyone know the exact place where they were drawn up, or is it just a crafty ruse to keep the pub open? (which they should I might add).

Pat Webster

by email

Thanks for a great job

May I through your letters page thank the community nurses for all their care this year.

Without them coming everyday, since mid January, I don’t know how I would have coped.

These nurses do a great job day in day out, 24 hours a day.

Happy Victory


Be glad you are out of it

Veronica Hardstaff is certainly one of the Star’s most passionate, informed and humane contributors and always readable,.

She makes many points I agree with.

However, although fear of further conflict was undoubtedly a factor in setting up the EU, the point she keeps making about the organisation keeping the peace in Europe since 1945 is one I must again disagree with for reasons already stated in past correspondence.

Her comment about the peace process in Northern Ireland being somehow due to the EU is again something I can’t concur with.

This was surely down to the work of the security forces, during which many of them made the ultimate sacrifice?

One of the things that did come out of the EU debate and decision was the further discrediting of the political establishment across the board in the eyes of the public.

Be glad you are out of it Veronica. But keep on writing.

Ron Clayton


Toby Foster

Come back Toby to the show.

We all miss you

as you will know.

With your useful information

and the humour that you share.

Come back, Toby.

We want you back on air.

Irene Glenn


A global Britain

This new global Britain is a thrilling concept, being in competition alone with the whole world.

We can show how good we are in increasing productivity in the workplace, (AKA more work for the same pay).

The new trade deals will bring a new range of rules and regulations, to add to the EU ones we’ll need to keep if we want to sell them anything.

Reducing immigration will finally fill the vacancies in farming fields and restaurant kitchens with British workers.

I’m always surprised to see how dependent we are on public services and welfare, so this change will be something you certainly will never regret.

As Tory politicians say between themselves: “Let’s take back control of this country”. Or, as Theresa May would say: “It’s about me!”.

Danny Piermattei

Stannington, Sheffield

Free schools waste of cash

I read with interest your front page piece on the proposed new XP Free School.

So far the Free School movement has been an unmitigated disaster, a vast waste of tax-payers’ money.

It will be interesting to see how XP works out.

AK Norton

Dunscroft, Doncaster

Pavements and prams

With reference to your story about the trees that residents on Maple Grove in Handsworth, Sheffield, want cutting down.

There is a disconnect between the comments attributed to unnamed residents and the photos that you published.

The pavements are quite wide, and the trees are planted in separate grass verges.

So how can they be markedly breaking up the pavements and causing problems for people pushing prams?

These unnamed residents should feel lucky they don’t live in Walkley.

Here, there are narrow roads and pavements, with cars parked on the pavements making it impossible for people with prams to get by.

Stan Taylor

by email