Don’t forget Helen’s tutor

Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan
Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan
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Having read Dr Mary Wren’s article on Helen Keller, I’m in a bit of a quandary as to why she didn’t mention Helen’s tutor by name?

The article gives the reader the impression that Helen dragged herself from a world of darkness and silence, which she didn’t.

It was her tutor’s perseverance that brought Helen out of her terrible life.

Her tutor’s name was Anne Sullivan and she seems to have been forgotten for some reason and I think her name should be mentioned every time Helen Keller is mentioned.

If it hadn’t have been for Anne, Helen could have ended up in a secure institution, but I thank God that he guided Anne to Helen and gave the world the knowledge, intellect and humour that had been locked inside Helen.

Anne and Helen’s relationship lasted 49 years.

Incidentally, Helen was born not too far from Sheffield, Alabama.

Vin Malone

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