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Road works
Road works
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I wish to bring to readers’ attention the chaotic situation around the improvement works to footpaths around the Hillsborough area currently being undertaken by Sheffield Council in conjunction with Amey.

During the week commencing March 6 notices were posted to inform residents of impending works to resurface the footpaths.

The works on the streets in Hillsborough centred around Wadsley Lane, Dixon Road, Dorothy Road, Lennox Road, Upwood Road. The notices said access would be required between 7am to 7pm for a three-day period initially from March 13.

I live on Lennox Road and 0n the 13th workmen arrived at around 9am and started work on Dixon Road and not Lennox as stated. The next day works to remove the top layer of asphalt to the paths began and was duly completed.

I fully expected the works on the 15th to be the application of the roughing coat, as had been applied on adjoining roads. Instead the notices to the lampposts were amended to inform that works on Lennox Road would begin again on March 20, again from 7am to 7pm for three days.

As I type this email, no works on Lennox Rd have been carried out on March 20, 21 and now the 22.

For three full days residents have had disruption with finding alternative parking just for no works to happen. The knock-on effect is residents on nearby streets are affected as residents on Lennox Road park on these other streets.

I emailed the council yesterday to voice my displeasure at the way the improvement works are being carried out, and the treatment residents are receiving, which is disgraceful.

I also believe the works are under-resourced, which is probably the reason why the works on Lennox Road have come to a halt this week.

The contractors are working in the area, just not on Lennox Road.

Speaking from experience as a senior construction manager for a major construction company, there is also a significant risk to health and safety.

Meanwhile, the paths have been left in creates a large number of risks with raised stop tap covers, cable TV inspection chambers, loose stones, and sub-standard work after utility works.

The whole execution of these workings is shambolic, and disrespectful to the residents, who are not being informed of what is happening.

I have just been informed that the notices that are posted around the street, that the timeline has been amended from three days from March 20 to eight days, thus creating yet more disruption to residents.

Richard Crisp

by email