Disingenuous Mr Price?

Coun peter Price
Coun peter Price
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If 25 years ago I borrowed from a bank to pay off a pay day loan – can I claim the Pay Day loan is settled 25 years ago?

I suppose so, but can I claim The Star is “repeating Liberal Democrat lies” and that the “deficit was settled” – when actually all I did was move it from my right to my left pocket to hide it from people?

No, I think that is disingenuous Mr Price and, may I say, typical of politicians of today.

Mr Calverley

Leslie Road, Sheffield

Levels of pollution

The headline on Saturday’s Star, (July 29), ‘Why air quality is such a risk to our health and why we must act now’ made disturbing reading.

An investigation carried out by Friends of the Earth revealed that there are four areas in Sheffield ‘blighted by illegally polluted air’ with dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide that exceeds the lawful amount set by the European Union.

How ironical that the Government and local authorities have followed all the bureaucratic dictats from Brussels except the one which directly affects our health.

In Sheffield air pollution is estimated to lead to the premature deaths of 500 people every year and costs £160 million in lost working days due to illness, besides what it is costing the NHS in treatment.

What astonishes me is the lack of joined-up thinking by our council as their answer to tackling the city’s shocking levels of pollution is to destroy the vital things that offer us protection – our valuable roadside trees.

In an original survey it was estimated that 1,200 trees were assessed as ‘dangerous, diseased or dying’ and needed to be removed, but up to now around 6,000 trees have already been felled, (the majority being HEALTHY specimens), with no end in sight to this appalling chainsaw massacre.

Greg Fell, director of public health at Sheffield City Council says: “Air quality is a massive risk to our future health and we need to tackle it together.”.

It appears the council launched Sheffield’s Green Commitment last year, (don’t laugh), with the intention of ‘improving air quality’. Councillor Jack Scott, cabinet member for transport and sustainability, says: “In Sheffield we have never been afraid to take radical action to improve air quality and public health.

“We have a very clear vision for a green and sustainable future.”

On reading these ludicrous statements I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as it certainly isn’t going to help reduce pollution levels by cutting down thousands of trees and the only people taking positive action in trying to protect our environment are the tree campaigners.

However, in gratitude for their wonderful efforts these decent, law-abiding people have been taken to court by the council who are seeking a permanent injunction against the campaigners to stop them taking action.

Common sense seems to be in short supply in our Town Hall and one wonders why people keep voting for those who care little about the well-being of our city’s residents and irresponsibly sign away our heritage in a profit-making contract with Amey.

I suppose we will see if there is any justice for the campaigners when the judge gives his ruling in the High Court in around two weeks time.

In the meantime I take my hat off to all the brave souls trying to save our irreplaceable trees.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10


and diabetes

Whitworth has done it again. As someone who lives, (and copes), with diabetes, I thought Monday’s cartoon, , about drinking alcohol helping keep diabetes at bay was superb.

What a brilliant solution – I wish I’d have thought of it!

Trevor Chaplin


Shalesmoor tram stop

Well said Adam Murray of CODA Planning, (Star, August 2), for suggesting changing the Shalesmoor Tram Stop to Kelham Island.

A real breath of fresh air!

Please don’t alter the Langsett Primrose View name, though.

It’s poetic and reflects the past.

It also sounds like a pedigree greyhound or best of breed at Crufts.

Ron Clayton

The Kennel, S6

Parking problem

In the Star, (Monday, July 31), you printed an article about an angry resident of Herries Road, a certain Janine Boulby complaining that she couldnt park her car outside her house.

The reasons given by this lady was that it was all because of NHS staff from the nearby Northern General Hospital clogging up the roads all around the area.

The lady then goes on to say that sometimes she has to park her car several streets away from her home which then results in a 10-minute walk to her house.

Then in the next paragraph she states that on one occasion she found a stranger’s car parked on her drive!

Surely if this lady has got a drive at her house she has then got somewhere to park her car and there is no need to park several streets away, so what is the problem with her bellyaching to the newspaper about parking?

If you have got a drive use it, end of parking problem.



Changing a light bulb

Question: How long does it take an electrician to change a light bulb in a bus shelter?

Answer: At least nine months and several phone calls and still counting.

I rang Traveline last October to get the light fixed in the bus shelter at Ben Lane-Rural Lane junction. This has not been fixed as of July 24, 2017.

I am wondering if Traveline has an electrician at all.

P Rhodes

Cox Place, S6

Yorkshire Day?

I stand corrected about Sheffield’s Yorkshire Day, but I stand by my remarks about the lack of flags and the fact some people neither knew nor cared about it! Nik Farah proves my point.

Maureen Keeton

by email

Political choice

Since 2010 the Tories have reduced pensioners’ heating allowance, scrapped the £25 per week to 16- to 18-year-olds who stayed on at school, slashed ESA by £30 and introduced the bedroom tax.

Austerity is a political choice to attack the poor and at the same time the Tories are increasing our national debt by over £5,000 a second.

S Ellis

Cottenham Road, Rotherham, S65