Disgusting state of overgrown grass

Grass verges in Sheffield are overgrown
Grass verges in Sheffield are overgrown
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I have just been reading an article written by Mr Lee Rivers of Gresley Road, Lowedges, concerning the appalling state of the grass verges in the area.

I totally agree with all this gentleman’s comment. I have lived in a cul de sac off Greenhill Parkway opposite Greenhill Army Barracks for 50 years and have never ever seen the grass verges and roundabouts in such a disgusting condition. I have written to the council with my complaints about this situation and all they do is come up with the same old chestnut “due to financial constraints etc etc etc”.

My family were some of the first to move into a brand new house on the new estate at Greenhill/Lowedges. As tenants I am sure that one of the clauses in their tenancy agreement was that the front garden could not have a fence around it and had to be kept neat and tidy.

What a pity that this council do not adhere to this regulation as regards the grass on verges and roundabouts. It has just been cut alongside the Transport ground and at the top of Reney Road. At last. However, further along towards the Fire Station it has just been cut for a short length at the front on either side, which looks atrocious and is totally nonsensical as this serves no purpose whatsoever. The talk of leaving it to attract wildlife is a joke.

Further along in the Star a piece caught my eye about the grass having been set on fire on the A61 Chesterfield Road South close to the junction with Lowedges Road. No doubt some idiotic louts with nothing better to do than set the grass alight and watch it burn.

Obviously not thinking or caring for the safety of drivers and vehicles travelling along the road.

Would it not be a good idea to give those wasters coming out of a spice induced zombie state on our streets or other drug users not quite high on their various fixes a lawn mower or pair of shears to set to work in making the city look tidy.

We have just spent the afternoon in the lovely village of Barlow with friends from out of town. Having come through those beautiful country lanes to Tinkers Corner, I felt ashamed at the site we encountered as we reached the end of Greenhill Parkway by the Fire Station heading home towards Meadowhead.

Sheffield City Council get your act together.

We all pay our council tax for services which we are not getting.


J Hibbert

Greenhill, Sheffield