Difference of opinion

Have your say

Let me say from the outset that I am an indigenous, white, working class male. If you have no problem with that opening statement, then please ignore the rest of this letter. If you felt even the slightest surge of resentment towards me, then read on and ask yourself these questions.

Why are you, quite rightly, prepared to speak up in favour of the downtrodden and suppressed people overseas and yet you will turn a blind eye to the many problems that ordinary people face at home?

Why is it that you will vehemently call for democracy to be introduced around the world but are so quick to deny the same privilege to my class?

Why is it that after the recent referendum you will not accept the result, citing instead that it is the fault of the uneducated, bigoted, racist, and if I may say the W word, the predominantly white, working classes who are to blame?

Why is it that you have no respect for the views of those once peaceful and prosperous communities that are now enduring nightmare scenarios and crying out for change?

Why do you, along with the affluent members of the political elite and much of the media, resort to name calling and demonising, instead of engaging in debate?

I suspect that you claim to be champions to the underprivileged, but are you really?

You have been taught from a very early age about how you should think and what you must and must not say and you will proudly sign your angry petitions, wave your placards and chant your oft repeated slogans. You will boo and hiss and even sometimes use violence in order to make your point. For you, in your Orwellian world, it is totally unacceptable that anyone else should have a differing point of view because, in your wisdom, you are absolutely certain that you hold the moral high ground.

For any of you who felt an immediate sense of adversity while reading my opening line, I must also reveal that, to make it worse, I am also of an older generation and therefore, according to some, I can no longer hold any valid opinions. Sadly, because the brainwashing techniques you have been subjected to are so powerful and the effects are so deep, I do realise that, instead of this message encouraging you to think for yourselves, it will simply spur you to become more firmly entrenched within your own programmed set of contradictory beliefs.

I further suspect that, except for the hardening of your belligerence and distain, this letter will have been a complete and utter waste of my time.

Winston Smith

by email