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I am trying to trace my family tree. I have discovered my grandfather John Harrison was born in Sheffield on November 11, 1894, and he died in North Shields, January 16, 1970.

He was in the Royal Navy during World War Two and was also a fisherman. His parents were Charles Herbert Harrison, a silversmith born in 1859 and Ann, (Foulston), born 1859.

John Harrison had 11 siblings, one of whom was Charles Harrison, born 1879. When Charles was just 10 years old he was sent to Calder Farm Reformatory School for five years for stealing a purse. It would be great to find out how he got on after he was discharged.

John Harrison married my grandmother, Janet Smith, on December 28, 1916. They split up and both remarried. John Harrison married Mary Ann Boak on April, 19, 1949 in North Shields.

I am hoping that there might be some relatives still in the Sheffield area who might have more information about my grandfather and the other Harrisons. I can be contacted at Stuart.Vincent2@btinternet.com

Stuart Vincent

Shoreham by Sea