Demolish the wall

Graffiti near Sheffield railway station.
Graffiti near Sheffield railway station.
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The only way to stop graffiti being scrawled on the wall at the Supertram stop at Sheffield train station is to demolish the wall and erect iron railings, otherwise it will just carry on.

Graffiti is the game and it’s getting a great pain in the you know what.

Unfortunately you can’t win, try as you must.

EB Warris

by email

Concentrate on local issues

I must comment regarding your sensational headline and editorial calling on the Prime Minister to take immediate action to mend our broken railway.

The fact of the matter is the difficulties faced by Northern, only one of several train operating companies operating within South Yorkshire, have had little or no effect in the area of your readership.

This is a local paper which should concentrate on local issues, not those affecting Greater Manchester or Cumbria.

Yes, campaign for an end to the “pause” of the electrification of the Midland Main Line north of Bedford/Kettering, but not for improvements in the Lake District.

This comes after your vigorous campaign to have the HS2 station in South Yorkshire “anywhere but Meadowhall”.

I consider this was a grave error but you appear still not to regret it, despite the fact that all we are likely to have now is a maximum of two trains per hour running on conventional rail into the existing Sheffield Midland station, a spur off the main line to Leeds.

JP Sanderson

Sheffield, S8

Back in Loxley Bottoms

I must thank those of you who have said that they have missed me sitting like a constipated puffin in my usual perch outside a certain hostelry here in Loxley Bottoms.

All I can say is get a rifle with better sights.

Seriously, I have had to find another roost as the old asthma has returned and one of the causes may be the traffic pollution here in S6.

How odd that some 50-odd years ago the old folks moved from Brier Street to the Sutton Estate in Wadsley because the doctors advised them that they might not raise me because of the pollution.

Fear not though gentle reader, I shall not retire like Puff the Magic Dragon to my cave.

Ron Clayton

Sheffield, S6

I’m not better

In response to D Tickhill’s “For everyone” letter Star, May 31, 2018, please do not accuse me of things which I have not said or done. I have never written or implied that my letters are better than anyone else’s.

In my letter (June 4) you will see that I fully agree with you that the letters page is for everyone.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Can’t please everyone

The sun is out, yippppeeeee.

Will it last? Fingers crossed, though some are not happy.

I heard two ladies in their 60s, say ‘I hope it’s not staying like this, but I wish it wasn’t so hot.

I love the sun and today has felt lovely.

It seems we can’t please everyone.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Stop being so negative

I’m getting more than a little fed up of letters speaking so negatively about our much loved city.

These comments are read worldwide.

Fortunately out beautiful City was showcased during the Tour de Yorkshire and World Snooker at the Crucible, despite the absolutely huge, stupid poster hung at the side of the motorway!

How refreshing was the Star letter from M Thompson, (Tuesday, May 29), echoing the thoughts of thousands of people in Sheffield and millions round the world.

New companies are investing in the city and so much work is being carried out. Such a shame that in the same edition there is yet another letter about four trees in Fitzalan Square.

After the fabulous renovation of the old Post Office how wonderful that the whole square is being refurbished and brought up to date.

The huge plane trees do filter the air in dirty, industrial cities with dirt and smoke billowing in the air.

The pollution now is from exhaust fumes, ground level. The ‘highest level of pollution’ is a little unfair as it referred to a high density of traffic in that particular area. Plane trees themselves add to pollution, perhaps not realised in the past. The black seed pods release billions of spores into the air, irritating to many people.

D Chambers, (June 1), seems to think that the apathy of the voting public has allowed the council to continue and is urging the ‘moaners’ to vote at the next election.

I read the results differently. The Lib Dems and Green Party gained two seats because the moaners DID vote. One seat was won winning by 16 votes on a 12 per cent turn-out.

Does this show that most residents are happy that our city is booming?

I am not politically minded but hate injustice.

Can I just remind readers that the contract with Amey was drawn up by the Lib Dems. Work started in the north of the city in 2012, (we are now enjoying beautiful young blossom trees).

STAG emerged three years later, two thirds of the way into the initial five years of the contract, when work moved to the south of the city.

Hysterical letters, tweets and texts went worldwide, many thinking Sheffield would be without trees altogether. Petitions have not just been signed by Sheffielders.

People who think they can break the Law, (even asking the police to help them!), but do not want to suffer the consequences seem a bit out of order to me.

This has caused millions of pounds worth of cost to the people of Sheffield, compensation for injury, and a real insult to residents who have suffered damage to their properties.

J Turner

Sheffield, S35