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It was interesting to read NP Sheffield’s lesson on democracy.

He/she says that, because Nick Clegg was elected to be the Hallam MP, he has been given a mandate to do has he, himself, thinks fit for all his constituents.

In fact Mr Clegg received just 40 per cent of the vote which included the much publicised tactical votes of many Conservative supporters.

If NP is so knowledgeable about the workings of democracy he/she may be able to explain a political system whereby, in the 2015 General Election, UKIP received more votes than the disgracefully opportunist Lib Dems and the highly vocal SNP combined and yet finished up with one single representative as opposed to the two other parties’ total of 64 MPs, all of whom are now demanding a reversal of the referendum result on the absurd pretext of pursuing Parliamentary democracy.

Taking only UKIP’s votes in the General Election, a greater number of people wished to leave the EU than voted for the Lib Dem and the SNP both together.

I consider the referendum to be the only truly democratic ballot carried out in recent times and, following a huge turnout, the electorate finally had a chance to make every vote count.

I agree with your previous writer, LS of Sheffield, that any self-serving politician who ignores the will of the people is not fit for purpose.