Delaying Brexit

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I am fed up with Tim Farron and Nick Clegg throwing the dummy out of the pram.

The EU must think they can walk all over us the way the Remain lot are trying to halt Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn says he will support the vote to leave, but what he really means is he will challenge every proposal and delay Brexit for as long as he can.

Labour say not enough houses are being built, but there will never be enough unless something is done about our never-ending growth in population.

Pensioners are being blamed for the pressures on hospitals, but schools are also under pressure. I hadn’t realised pensioners had gone back to school.

Worried pensioner


Begging for our freedom

So we can no longer call ourselves a democracy – we are ruled by the rich and famous, as we suspected.

The so-called judges who gave their Brexit ruling were not impartial – many were pro-EU and had connections there. Surely a conflict of interest?

The remainers will now do everything in their power to stall/delay/thwart our exit from the EU and I shall be surprised if we ever manage to leave. I think it’s a disgraceful situation.

What was the point of a referendum if the result can be ignored by MPs who should be standing up for their constituents and not pushing their own agendas because they, of course, know better than we the voters do.

If the delay gets worse then we should have a general election and we can then vote for people who hold the same view as ourselves on the EU. This all feels like we are slaves begging for our freedom.

As a lifelong Labour voter, I am sorry to say I shall not be voting for them anytime soon.



Flying pigs

I’m glad the council will be more transparent in future. Wow, was that a pig flying past my window?

Mary Hogg


Get some social skills

I suggest that Jayne Grayson, (letters, January 26), gets a grip on reality and shows her son some simple common sense.

Accepting a lift from strangers is not the same as some friendly attention from a kind old lady in the corner shop.

Teaching your son to be “frozen on the spot” by such a normal interaction will turn him into a cowering nervous wreck.

Society isn’t as “messed up” as you think, just get some social skills.



Roasties on

a Sunday

We are now advised by the Food Standards Agency that we should be careful as to how we toast our bread and that roast potatoes – like bacon – can cause cancer.

Well I know one thing, burnt toast in crumb form does not restore your hair – I have tried it for years.

I recollect a Health and Safety Inspector once telling me that you could eat asbestos and it wouldn’t hurt you.

Think I will stick to roast potatoes but only at Christmas and Sundays – after I’ve completed the risk assessment.

Ron Clayton


Rewriting history

It seems as though we have people still trying to re-write history on these pages.

This time a Jon B trying to tell us how brilliant de Gaulle was in 1940.

Was this the same de Gaulle who indeed did take part on May 28, 1940 in an unsuccessful attempt to rescue Allied forces trapped at Dunkirk?

Is this the same de Gaulle who then fled to the safety of London with his family?

Didn’t Petain call de Gaulle a “false friend”?

I wonder why? (That’s enough about Petain).

Indeed, de Gaulle did lead the free French, from the safety of Hampstead in London with the approval of Churchill and later from Algiers.

Is this the same de Gaulle who called Churchill a gangster?

Also do not forget that it was the French that declared war on Germany in 1939 and surrendered in 1940.

Jon B tells us 55,000 French soldiers died during the campaign but didn’t the UK alone lose around 330,000 military personnel fighting to liberate France, the rest of Europe and parts of Asia? (more than 60 million people worldwide lost their lives in total).

De Gaulle was never ever a friend of the British as I can personally testify.

Didn’t he kick the allies out of their Paris Headquarters in the 1960s which forced them to relocate in Belgium?

I’ve certainly nothing against the ordinary French people, only their leaders, every one of them from Bonaparte to Hollande .

Maybe my opinion will change when Marine (Le Pen) becomes leader.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Waste services

I read in the Star, (January 26), that the council are saying it will take a year to find a new waste company that will give what the council think will be the best for Sheffield and that a Veolia spokesman said it would continue to keep its staff informed.

My question is, how can they when the council is not talking to the unions involved. Can anyone believe a word this so-called Labour council says when it carries out more Conservative policies than a Conservative council, yet is giving away millions to nondescript causes

This council shows nothing but utter contempt for the people of Sheffield as shown by the recent tree campaign and the SAS-style planing to beat the protesters and what was the size of that bill?

Now they turn on the workers of Sheffield. Some have more than 30 years’ service and have been working in all weathers to deliver a service and have been through this uncertainty before.

So come on councillors, be honest, let the people of Sheffield and its workers know what is going on.

SP, Disappointed


That’s their choice

Monica makes sense, she sure does regarding talentless talent shows.

In my circle of friends I am classed as a weirdo because I do not watch these shows.

They find it amusing that I have never seen X Factor.

I am always met with open mouths.

You don’t watch X Factor, why don’t you watch it?

No, I prefer to spend my time on better things than watching all these shows.

Each to their own, lots love them, that’s their choice but we certainly are not weirdos because we don’t add to Simon Cowell’s cash cow.

Jayne Grayson

by email