David, what’s happened?

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
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Oh dear David, just what has happened to you?

I refer of course to David Blunkett’s recent outburst against the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn’s as the Leader of the Labour Party.

Within a few hours of Jeremy winning, he runs to the press, the Daily Mail of all papers, our most right- wing newspaper, and tells the world that this is a calamitous situation.

He of all people should know what damage these newspapers can do when they get their teeth into you.

David, you know very well, one of the basic rules in politics, you do not slag off your Party in the press.

If you disagree, you keep the debate within, particularly someone of your seniority.

Your outburst does real harm to the Labour Party and it is no wonder the general public are not supporting Jeremy at the moment.

Like you I am in despair, but not at this election result, I am in despair at the constant attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, who had been in office less than one year, by you and MPs who should know better.

For crying out loud, give the man a chance!

You see, David, I too have devoted more than 55 years of my life to the Labour Party, love it, warts and all and the election of Jeremy does not break my heart, indeed it excites me and renews my faith in it.

Over the past 10 years, indeed ever since the 1997 election victory, the Labour vote has declined.

Even though we won under Blair we continued to lose electors.

It was obvious to me when Ed Miliband became Leader we were unelectable, but I didn’t rush to the media denouncing him. I gave my support and did my best.

So why am I excited? Well for a start the membership of the Labour Party, through the impact of Jeremy, has rocketed beyond my wildest dreams over 600,000 and is still growing, the biggest ever and the largest in Europe, many of them young people.

These are not a “social splinter group’ as you describe them, they are the future.

Now I know they are not the electorate and we have a lot of work to do, but come on David, what a campaigning base to start us off.

Under Jeremy Corbyn our electoral results have not been a catastrophe, we won the four by-elections, three with increased majorities, four Mayoral elections, including Bristol, which we took off the Lib/Dems and we did reasonably well in the local elections, better than under Miliband.

We were also level pegging in the opinion polls and improving.

It was only when our MPs began their disgraceful tactics in undermining him and forcing another leadership election and by telling the world the mantra, that under Jeremy we are unelectable.

Of course the more you repeat it the more it becomes likely – a self-fulfilling prophecy. The press love it.

No David, personally I find Jeremy a breath of fresh air, he is different and will do things differently given half a chance and the support of his Parliamentary colleagues.

I am afraid I agree with John Prescott, it is not Jeremy Corbyn who is the catastrophe, but at the moment it is you.

Councillor Peter Price

Shiregreen/Brightside Ward