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cycle lane
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AF asks what cycle lanes are for on Penistone Road? (September 30).

I’m still cycling in my late 70s, and I use Penistone Road quite a lot, having an allotment at Norwood.

I don’t blame the more ‘fit-for-purpose’ cyclists not using such pavement cycle lanes, as in these lanes satisfactory progress is repeatedly affected by road junctions, kerbs, poor uneven surfaces, foreign objects, slow-moving cyclists, pedestrians and animals.

If cyclists feel unsafe and insecure on the main highway then they should use the shared pavement lanes.

On the other hand, the more experienced cyclists making satisfactory and appropriate progress surely have every right to stay on the main road and most probably get to work more quickly than in his or her car which was left at home.

How times have changed. I cycled to and from Stannington to Brightside for well over 30 years when it was taboo and illegal to ride on the pavements.

To this end, what does annoy and frustrate me today are the many cyclists who use ordinary pavements with little or no regard for pedestrians, including the infirm.

Back on Penistone Road, on the section from Hillsborough Park to Leppings Lane, too many cars travel up to at least 40mph (30mph limit) making it more difficult for cyclists wishing to safely turn right up Herries Road.

A speed camera would surely earn its annual keep within one day.

On Penistone Road cycling is legal, travelling at 40mph is not.

Please know your place, cyclists and keep safe.

Mike D