Cycling in the countryside

Saftey of cyclists
Saftey of cyclists
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While town cyclists have been discussed in the Star letters column, there has been no mention of countryside cyclists.

If you are cycling in the country, you should ensure that you are clearly visible.

If you dress in black, you should note that you can be difficult to see in daytime when the light is poor or very bright.

When you are cycling under overhanging trees the light is poor.

When the light is bright, the shadows are very dark.

In both cases you are difficult to see.

It is advisable to wear bright colours and preferably be equipped with a bright red rear light.

Remember that motor vehicles are travelling much faster than you and the drivers have little time to avoid you, if you do not become visible until they are very close.

If it is foggy, it is probably best not to cycle at all. If you do ride in fog, then it is important to have a bright rear light and to wear bright clothes. Sorry to say, many cyclists observed recently in these adverse conditions had no lights and were wearing black, thus being at risk of a collision.

BW Jervis