Cry of anger from north

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Brexit was a cry of anger from the North, Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis says.

He goes on to say the neglected North is one reason why the UK voted to leave the EU.

It is two months ago since people across the North of England made a bold and clear decision to leave the European Union.

Every one of the South Yorkshire constituencies voted for Brexit while every one of their MP’s voted to remain. Dan Jarvis continues “the will of the people is clear and, while I campaigned to remain in the EU, it is now the duty of politicians to implement that decision”.

No mention that the real reasons his and other constituencies voted for Brexit was not only neglect but much more importantly sovereignty, immigration and deciding we did not believe in undemocratic bureaucracy by being told what to do by the likes of Juncker.

The EU in it’s present form is a total failure and I’m sure time will show us this fact.

Dan Jarvis says it is the duty of every politician to implement the people’s decision, does that mean he and the other South Yorkshire Labour MPs that reneged on their MAJORITY core voters wishes will be voting in favour of EU Article 50?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74