Council tenants beware

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As I commented a couple of weeks ago, well its’ started to happen. Council rents are going down less than a £1 a week, which will hit services because of lack of income.

Whose houses are they, the councils’ or the government’s? I thought they belonged to the council?

Was this not voted on a couple of years ago, when we transferred homes from Sheffield Homes back to the council?

Now Mr Cameron has announced the 100 estates he is going to attack.

Are these estates council- run, the most deprived ones, or just some where he knows people will buy the properties, and will they be able to afford to buy and maintain them, (known as right to buy)?

This is when his next card will be played, because any new tenant moving in to a council property after 2017, will not have secure tenancies . It may only be up to five years, then they can move you out.

So does it not look like, if you don’t buy, you are out and where will you go and if you are only going to be in it a short time are you going to bother looking after it properly knowing you may not be there for long?

Will they keep you in the same area where you and your family have made friends and settled breaking communities up?

Will there be any where to go?

Will there be any council properties left or will you end up getting ripped off by private landlords?

Why doesn’t Cameron use the money to bring communities together instead of tearing them apart.

He needs to talk to us?


Brushes TARA chairman, Firth Park