Council should keep to their own rules

Overgrown grass verges
Overgrown grass verges
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I live on Shiregreen Lane and have to walk across this uncut grass to get to my car.

It is not only an eyesore but twice I have stepped in dog poo, treading it into my bungalow because people have allowed their dogs to use the verge has a toilet.

In my tenancy agreement with Sheffield Council it says I must keep my garden tidy, so that it does not become overgrown or spoil the look of the surrounding are. If tenants do not abide to this they could find their selves homeless

So the council should keep to their own rules.

What a load of rubbish from Darren Butt blaming the weather for making the growth of the grass unpredictable.

The only reason the grass has grown to such an unruly state is because it has not been cut this year.

As for cost saving over the next 20 years, I and other tenants have asked for a layby to park our cars because Shiregreen Lane is a busy road.

Although this would be a one-off capital cost now it would do away with the grass verge outside our bungalows and would not need cutting.


Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield, S5