Council property, or not?

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In reference to the letter from KP, January 15, on re-registering for homes. Could this be a problem that tenants are having, that they do not know who their landlords are?

Sheffield Homes has not existed for about the last three years. Do they see the signs outside flats with the Sheffield Homes logo on and think this is still their landlords, (Is this legal?), tenants voted, (right or wrong),to go back to the council.

This is not new, people were told last year it would happen. It was a way of finding out if people still wanted to remain on the list and these people still exist. Some people didn’t realise they were still on the list.

It was a way of making the housing list look more realistic on how many people were actually after properties and to help genuine people find properties.

I can’t see how it moves non-Brits up the list because they have to register and wait their turn. So if everybody registers they won’t lose their waiting time.

In my opinion, it was the right to buy that mucked things up, because some of the people sold these properties on to private landlords, mostly at a profit and somehow ended up back in a council property and these are the ones the non-Brits are renting.

You don’t know whose properties are whose.

Before, every house on a council estate belonged to the council.


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