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As someone who considers himself to be one of the silent majority on most issues,I constantly find it extremely difficult to make balanced decisions on many topics being put forward via press and television.

However having listened to and read more than is probably good for me, I feel informed enough to make my decisions,should I ever be asked for them on the following burning issues:

1) Petitions online or otherwise. These give a false impression of real interest if signed by anyone not directly affected by the cause.

2) Tree felling: Get rid if necessary but just make sure they are replaced. (see 1)

3) High Speed Trains: – Will have little benefit to my fellow silent majority in South Yorkshire. If ever built, will be on a smaller scale, cost five times more than predicted and won’t touch the centre of Sheffield.

4) Bus timetable changes: – Don’t expect Bus Companies or Local Authorities to run buses just to suit you. (see 1)

5) The Moor Market: – May be a success but not until the generations who used the old Castle markets have long gone.

6) The Labour Party: – Nationally will remain a shambles until its new leader realises how impotent he is.

Need to wait to see what policies the Party Conference will come up with.

Then locally it will be interesting to see whether a so-called left wing council will be able to control the new real left-wingers.

How many will survive the rigours of candidate selection when they wont be in favour of true left wing policies?

7) Trident: – Keep it. Bombs don’t listen to words.

8)Terrorism: – Fight it with everything we’ve got. Fanatics don’t listen to words.

9) Immigration: – If we need you, welcome, but remember when in Rome do as the Romans do. If that’s not good enough, don’t come!

10) EU membership: – Not a clue as I have yet to hear any views which make overall sense.

11) City Centre Regeneration: – It will happen just don’t believe all the hype.

Now I can move on to political correctness, apologising for history, politicians, asylum seekers etc!

Stuart Laidlaw

Hollybank Drive, S12