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I note that South Yorkshire Police requires improvement in its effectiveness in fighting crime and keeping people safe.

I’m sorry but it’s not rocket science to see that the number of cops on the beat have been cut so dramatically over the last few years that it’s obvious that performance would suffer.

It doesn’t take an Inspector of constabulary to tell us that our police service is not fit for purpose

An easy solution is to stop cutting police officer numbers.

Alan Jarvis


Here we go again

New assistant Chief Constable David Hartley says he is going to put more police on the beat.

Great, but I would like the idiot police man who decided to take them off the streets in the first place.

The public are sick to death of idiots in London promoting peers at £300 pound a throw and reducing money to the councils.

The biggest idiot, Cameron, vowed never to allow riots on the streets again after the riots in 2011.

What did he do? He put more money into foreign aid, introduced zero hours contracts, encouraging crime.

He brought in austerity which is killing our communities.

Whatever you do, don’t phone 101 for help.

Confused pensioner

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Worst league in years

It’s extremely unlikely you will be seeing me soon, BT, Chesterfield.

In fact if my hopes and wishes come true it will be a very long time, if ever. .

Sheffield United should of course be congratulated on their success, but let’s be fair they are the biggest and richest club in the Third Division which is recognised as being the worst in living memory.

Is this the same “proper ground” where the chairman refused entry to the Owls Kop band due to safety issues?

I don’t think I would ever want to risk being in the away stand.

I can’t comment on the facilities as I haven’t been to the Lane since the last cricket match there but a friend who rents a box there, every season, says some are OK but others are terrible.

Chris Gee

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City of sanctuary

The City of Sanctuary is now opening a centre for asylum seekers and refugees

Where is the centre for all the young drop-outs sitting in doorways all over the city centre?

This does not create a very good impression for visitors to Sheffield.

As for Sheffield City Council – charity begins at home – so get something done.

Maureen Nugent-Burrows


What’s happening?

I was so upset to read about five-year-old cance sufferer Bradley Lowery in The Star this week.

My heart goes out to him and his family.

What a truly awful time this must be for everyone concerned.

It is a such a wonderful idea to raise funds for his family at a wrestling show in Rotherham and this has to be applauded.

Lee Johnson

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Am I asking too much?

There is a social care crisis in Britain. I’ve been thinking, and I have a solution.

Put all the elderly and infirm in prison. Please do not be outraged by this statement, look at the benefits first:

Three free main meals a day.

Warm surroundings – no “gas or leccy” to worry about.

Clean bed.

Free use of gym, canteen, library etc.

Exclusive use of in-house doctor’s surgery – no waiting a month to see a doctor.

Priority treatment at local hospitals, taken there and back by private transport.

And all this without even selling your home to fund it. Sounds like a “no-brainer” to me.

On a more sobering note, in Britain today there are 1.2 million elderly and infirm people who need feeding and washing and who don’t ever get this basic support.

I want to live in a caring society where those in need are given their basic human rights regardless of cost or time.

Am I asking for too much?

Name & address supplied

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What planet do you live on?

What planet does AK Pemberton from Crosspool (Letters April 14) live on?

Don’t they realise that the Sheffield Half-Marathon is only once a year and for many excellent charities?

Most people put up with the inconvenience for a measly three hours!

My son was one of the runners for Diabetic UK and I am so proud, he does it every year.

So the answer to your pathetic excuse, AK Pemberton, get out those walking shoes and do what everyone else does and walk!

And to finish off such a perfect weekend, Sheffield United got promoted .

Mrs PM Woodhouse


One of the best bosses

Sheffield United supporter, ex-player, and now one of the best managers outside the Premier League.

Chris Wilder should be given the freedom of the city.

The Blades have had a few good managers in Dave (Harry) Bassett and Neil Warnock and Chris is up there with them.

Six years in league one and this is Chris’s first season at the helm. What a great job he and his staff have done and may it continue.

The man is a stick of rock, he’s got Sheffield United running through him.

I salute you, Chris. Top Man, Top Blade, UTB.

Thank you, Chris, for bringing back entertaining football to Bramall Lane.

Woodhouse Blade


We want change

People want change they are fed up with all politics but now the election is seven weeks away.

If people really are not happy with Labour and Jeremy Corbyn they will punish him at the ballot box.

However Labour never lose round these parts for reasons I will never understand.

They could put an Alsatian dog on the Labour ticket and it would still win.

Jayne Grayson

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Loo days sadly no more

The days when Sheffield city centre had public toilets spotlessly cleaned by the attendant who stood no nonsense are sadly no more .

It seems the planners have forgotten that people need to spend a penny now and then.

EB Warris

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