Concern over trade union bill

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We are writing to express our concerns about the Trade Union Bill which is soon to come before Parliament.

This Bill includes a clause which we believe is designed to cut off trade unions’ financial support for the Labour Party, and yet which does nothing to limit contributions from the hedge funds and millionaires to the Conservative Party.

When added to other current legislation to reduce the number of constituencies and make it harder for people to register to vote, it appears that the Tories are trying to keep themselves in power for generations to come and by whatever means possible.

We are perhaps the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world, and talk proudly of our British belief in fair play, but with this Bill the Government is putting these values at risk.

We ask all concerned readers to write to their MPs and strongly urge them not to enact such an unfair and partisan piece of legislation.

Simon Barley and Mike Pedler

by email