Concern from Holland

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I am very concerned about the tree policy of the Sheffield Council and really don’t understand how it could have come this far.

I’ve been following the subject on Twitter for a long time.

The reason for addressing you is because I love your city and its inhabitants very much since I came over for the snooker (and buy your newspaper of course), and I really don’t know who else to address.

So, today, I decided to write a poem for all the tree saviours in Sheffield to help them in their battle.

I shall miss the sun warming my leaves,

The tender caress of a breeze on midsummer eve

Never again play a symphony, my rattling leaves,

Beloved birds left in grief

Now lay me down to rest for good

My bleeding heart, silent cry from where I once stood...

Wout van Kwawegen

Noorder Kerkedijk 87, 3078 PD Rotterdam, Holland