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Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
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B Heaton (Letters, October 3, 2016) has come out of retirement to comment on his mentor Thatcher in reply to my opinion of “that woman”.

Is this the same B Heaton who told us all not long ago on the Letters page that he would not be reading or commenting on any more letters of mine printed by The Star? I told him he would!

I certainly stand by my opinion of Grantham’s Margaret Hilda Thatcher and you know what? My opinion is no different to people like Ricky Tomlinson, Ken Loach and thousands of other good men like the ex-miners, engineers, steelworkers, local communities, families and most other industries that were all “crucified” by B Heaton of DN5’s ‘Madonna’ in order to smash the workers’ representatives.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley S74