Come and see the state of our roads

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Re: Potholes on Jepson Road, Leedham Road, Shiregreen Lane and Firth Park Shopping Centre.

I would like Peter Price to take a walk/ride down the above, to see for himself the disgusting state of these roads and pavements.

Many aged and disabled people use these roads trying to avoid the massive potholes. I am disabled myself and aged and have to be very careful to not fall on the pavements.

Drivers are so fed up of zig-zagging to avoid the holes.

The kerbs on Jepson Road have been replaced, but only on one side of the road, no sign of our side being done.

I once wrote to Mr Price but did not get a reply.

I must say, if I wrote to David Blunkett, he always replied and once even sent the police to discuss a problem with some hooligans.

Will the day ever come when the pavements and roads are all put in order?