Clue is in your job title

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So Simon Bailey, Arena Marketing Manager declined to comment on why promoters chose particular cities or venues and goes on to say that it is not up to the arena to choose its programme.

I think Mr Bailey that the clue is in your job title ‘Marketing Manager’.

These are people who are usually full of ideas and drive to sell their product but you Mr Bailey declined to comment!

I’m afraid that casual attitude is just not acceptable and it’s obvious that nothing is going to change regarding bringing the top acts to Sheffield.

You should give your opinion to the people of Sheffield as you are in charge of the largest entertainment venue in the city.

Could you also explain who made the decision to take control of the venue off Live Nation so SIV could run it and how do you think that has improved the running of the venue?

Dean Hopcroft

Richmond Park Grove, Handsworth, Sheffield, S13