Clean up our act or become filthiest city

A poster attached to railings in Parsonage Crescent, Walkley
A poster attached to railings in Parsonage Crescent, Walkley
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The Star’s article on dog fouling, (May 12), highlights part of a far wider problem due to an inconsiderate ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude which one can also attribute to the people who throw down litter, blight our city with the appalling amount of ‘fly tipping’ which costs enormous sums of money to clear, engage in the disgusting habit of spitting, and even Sheffield City Council are guilty of environmental vandalism having destroyed thousands of our healthy street trees.

All these things are down to the fact that people do not appreciate or value what they have around them and unfortunately, regarding dog fouling, fines alone will not solve the overall problem.

However, I think most people do clean up after their pets but, although there are dog poo bins on recreational areas and in parks, there is a noticeable lack of them on our streets.

Regarding general littering we need to see more awareness about caring for our neighbourhoods starting with parental guidance at home and a programme to educate children on environmental issues in schools, which I am pleased to learn is being launched from September.

It is to our country’s great shame that we have such a huge national problem as, although there are many people trying their best to clean up our cities with anti-litter campaigns, there are also those who seem to have no pride in their surroundings.

In Sheffield we certainly need to clean up our act before we are branded the filthiest city in the UK.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10