City is a filthy disgrace?

Clive Betts
Clive Betts
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It was interesting reading MP Clive Bett’s view that his city and country is a filthy disgrace. Nearly everywhere he looks is litter?

What about those trying to make better communities?

Or those trying to find jobs?

Those struggling due to having benefits sanctioned?

Or paying bedroom tax?

Or those having to rent private housing due to not enough council housing?

Overworked GPs, doctors, nurses and teachers.

The claim of building successful families when red tape places so many barriers?

The list is endless.

I see local people trying their very best, day in day out, and let’s not forget the fantastic elephants.

Such a shame MPs in London are so detached from the real world.

Perhaps one suggestion would be that when rubbish is collected and happens to get dropped from the back of the wagon it is actually cleaned up and not left in the road?

Lesley Pearson

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