City folk make an exhibition of themselves

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IF during the course of last year you were approached by a young man with a camera who asked if he could photograph you, and if you weren’t one of the handful of people who told him to get bent, you might just be about to experience your 15 minutes of fame.

That young man was Luke Avery and that picture of you forms part of a remarkable project in which he snapped a different person in a different area of the city for each day of 2010.



Now the entire collection showing the hundreds of faces of Sheffield - both of the people and the city itself - is to be exhibited for the first time. And if you are one of the people he collared and snapped he wants you to go to an official launch party.

“The pictures will run from January 1 to December 31 so as you walk round the room you’ll be able to see the seasons change, while maybe recognising somewhere or someone you know,” says Luke, aged 26, of Palm Street, Walkley, pictured above, centre, in a few of the shots.

“As you’d expect with 365 photos they’re not going to be massive but they will be a decent size - large enough to show any technical mistakes I made anyway.

“But the one thing I’d really love to do is to get all the people I took a picture of down to the exhibition.



“I met so many nice people and this would be a way of saying thanks.

“It’s something I’m still working on logistically but these people - real Sheffielders - are the stars of the exhibition, so it would be good if we could get them all together. If nothing else, it would make a great group shot.”

The exhibition - to be held at the The Workstation in Paternoster Row throughout May - will also include a map charting Luke’s daily journeys which saw him head to a different part of the city every day. A selection of snaps which didn’t make the final cut and a short video documentary about the project will also be on show.

It will be preceded by a smaller display featuring a limited number of the pictures in an empty shop window in The Moor running from Monday to March 19.

“That’s almost like an advert for the main show,” says Luke. “I’m hoping people will see the pictures while they’re shopping and maybe be intrigued enough to come along to the full exhibition.”

The former Sheffield University chemistry student is now looking for both corporate and individual sponsorship.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or you’re one of the people snapped visit