City council is slowly destroying our heritage

Sheffield Castle Reconstructed a drawing by Martin Davenport
Sheffield Castle Reconstructed a drawing by Martin Davenport
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It has been my view for many years that Sheffield council is slowly and deliberately destroying the heritage and historical sites of this city and the main method of achieving this is to neglect a site or building till it is beyond repair all under the cover of government funding cuts.

This city is littered with historical building from our industrial past all awaiting this decaying process.

You only have to look at our world-famous steel and cutlery manufacturing industries and the buildings they once occupied are all gone now, flattened in the name of progress.

Every other city I visit is promoting its heritage sites, both industrial and social, to increase tourism and revenue.

Not our council, the very opposite in fact

Next time you come across an old company once famous in this city see if you can find the building they occupied. You will struggle.

Sheffield castle that the council built a market on top of years ago, is now also flattened and the future of its few castle remains has yet to be decided, but I suspect will suffer the same fate.

It also looks like the old Town Hall and the Birley Spa is on the same decay programme of this council.

This council finds it very easy to blame central government for the cuts that prevent the maintenance of these sites or their preservation as tourist attractions .

Maybe they should not be spending millions on prosecuting tree protesters.

They want trees to remain on their streets but these are on roads occupied by middle class families who by this council’s political ideology are the people they target.

Then, there are PFI contracts and other schemes like City of Sanctuary and the housebuilding programmes in the city to house them.

They have somehow managed to find the funding when such funding was not available to those hundreds of existing Sheffield families that will have been put lower down the list in favour of economic migrants.

All those council spending white elephants abandoned like the Sheffield airport and hundreds of other madcap failed schemes.

They could save money with fewer subsidised restaurants and canteens and perks the council tax-paying citizens don’t get.

Why should we have to foot the bill for pointless trips around Britain and the world by delegates when a conference call would achieve the same.

It is too late now for many of our heritage sites but the fact this decay scheme still continues apace is nothing short of criminal for this city and the council leader is directly responsible for this destruction of our heritage.

R Gissing snr

Sheffield, S12