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Winston Churchill.
Winston Churchill.
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I did not agree with the views held by Jared O’Mara 15 years ago and still do not today.

I personally accept his apology for the remarks made, it would appear by all accounts most genuine.

Regarding the accusations made this week, and strongly denied, I am reminded of of the retort made to a lady by Sir Winston Churchill who accused him to his face of being drunk.

“Yes madam, but in the morning I will be sober , you will still be ugly”.

He was not asked to resign.

Christopher J Hines

Ranmoor, Sheffield, S10


I thought Whitworth’s cartoon in this week’s Telegraph about Jared O’Mara was spot on. But why nothing in the Star?

Alice Broomhead

East Bank Road

O’Mara’s resignation

A few weeks ago I saw the Sheffield Star article councillors condemn ‘unacceptable’ violence after stabbings and shooting in Sheffield neighhourbood.

I wrote to my local MP, Mr O’Mara and my local councillors about what they do in India to eliminate the problem and what the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has done to eliminate the problem. What did they do? They sent the police round to arrest me for inciting racial hatred. However they got a shock when they saw I am an ethnic minority!

Instead of debating the issue Sheffield council and the MP send the police round to arrest me. I wonder if this man is fit to be a Member of Parliament.

James Bond

Mulehouse Road, S10

Character flaws

It is becoming clear that Jared O’Mara has many character flaws, but these have been known for some time.

It is surely no coincidence that maximum publicity, culminating in his suspension from the Labour Party, has been given to him at a time when he is the only Sheffield MP to side with tree protesters and deliver a petition, aimed at a review of felling policy, to Jeremy Corbin.

The recently released film: The Death of Stalin, shows how Beria dealt with those who deviated from the Party line. Modern technology makes assassinations less bloody.

Timothy Treffry

Vernon Road, Sheffield, S17

Should he resign?

Jarad O’Mara, silly things to say in his youth, now it’s back and bitten him on the bottom. He says he’s grown up since those remarks and he doesn’t think that way now.

Should he resign? Maybe he should ride it out.

Look at Donald Trump, he says disgusting things everyday on twitter and he ain’t going anywhere any time soon.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Formulate a campaign

The airing of traffic situation on Woodseats seems to be a debate, as it should, which time as now played out for moaning but to device a common ground of alleviating the situation.

My letter, October 13, was an initiation but the next step isn’t more letters it’s making waves in the right places. The flyover suggestion is more use of other traffic not buses which will remain serving Woodseats Chesterfield Road to clarify a letter by Mr Renway. More suggestions the better but if that’s all were doing it remains lip service.

I confess the idea of using the Killamarsh and Wicker Arches to Wadsley Bridge and Stocksbridge railway routes is a good one but I was part of the Rail company in the 80’s what dismantled all of that track along with 22 miles of track in Tinsley Yard, a lot of scrap, so revamping any of it would be good. The way now to move on the issue is for anybody who is concerned along with the The Star to formulate a campaign to take a forum to the correct authorities. Going singlehandedly would not be folly but a cohesive approach would be a more serious approach.

Phillip Jowett

Norton Lees Lane, Sheffield

Statistical revelation

It’s just as well that I was not actually taking a sip of my coffee as I read a short news item in a local publication. I would have spluttered it all over the the cafe table.

Reporting on a campaign for gender-neutral passports it seems that ‘one per cent of the population are likely to identify’ with this category.

Where did this gem of a statistical revelation come from?

It came from the campaigner’s legal representative, a member of the Queen’s Council, no less.

I had always assumed that lawyers, even across all levels, would be very well educated, well informed, well balanced, intelligent and concerned only with fact-based information, so let’s try and put this statistic into perspective.

The recent Owls v Blades match, which I attended, attracted around 35,000 people, a fairly random cross section of ages and socio-economic groups, I think you will agree. According to my learned friend, on average, within the Hillsborough crowd there were 350 ‘gender neutrals’. Really?

Or coming at it from another direction, there is a current TV advert which suggests that, on average, we meet about 80,000 people in our lifetime. I retired just a few years ago and hope that I’ve still got a few more years to go, so I probably haven’t met all my 80,000 yet.

To my certain knowledge, I have not, so far, met anyone who is or wants to be gender neutral so, by the QC’s calculation, I reckon that to achieve my overall average quota, of all the people I meet from now on, over 75% will have to be gender neutral. I can’t wait!

To be serious for a moment, I do wonder why, seemingly intelligent people are allowed to have such rubbish printed let alone presented to the High Court.

I dread to think how many people in the coming weeks and months will say to their mates ‘’Eh, I read the other day that 1% of the population is neither male nor female. And that’s a fact!’’ No, it is not!



Healthcare system

Brian H Sheridan’s letter, (October 20), saying what he doesn’t like about the USA is because of its relics from the past, even though he’s visited that otherwise great nation many times. He failed to mention the American healthcare system being the worst in the developed world.



For your information

Tory Minster Boris Johnson is outraged some Labour MPs have appeared on Russia Today, for your information boring backstabber Boris, many Tory MPs and Tory Councillors have appeared on Russia Today and also your own dad Boris who has appeared on Russia today a few times, also Peter Amis Tory MP is on regular, besides Boris its best news on TV, better than the depressing BBC and ITV which always seem to favor the Tories.

S Ellis

Cottenham Road, S65