Cheryl’s so huge and fat

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Cheryl Cole, or whatever name she goes by now, has taken up boxing to lose her baby weight.

She’s telling people, so say the fount of all knowledge, (the Daily Mail), that she feels so huge and fat as she’s a size 10 – poor woman it must be dreadful to be that size.

I feel so very unhappy for you, you better stay indoors you don’t want people looking at that fat body of yours.

I am sure the personal trainer, personal chef, will have you body fit in no time.

Not being a size zero is no crime. I was seven stone and 37 when I finally decided to get pregnant. I gave birth and weighed 12 stone, I ate morning noon and night and bloomin’ well enjoyed every calorie. It took me a very long time to get anything resembling my previous body.

I would have jumped at a size 10 two months after giving birth.

She has a child to bring up, so it’s time to stop thinking about the old image, the baby won’t care if you are a size 10 and a bit wobbly.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Post-election thoughts

Firstly, Nick Clegg thank goodness this man has gone.

Here is a politician who lied about tuition fees then got in a coalition with Cameron to treat the women of this country with no respect.

He was part of a government who accelerated women’s pension age to an unfair level.

Fair and fairer were two of his favourite words – well this is his idea of fairness.

If you are a woman born in March 1953 you can take your state pension in March 2015, yet someone born in September 1953 has to wait until 2018 ,so three years different for a six-month age gap. See how fair that looks Mr Clegg.

Yes, we may all think a rise in age is necessary but not so steep as that and with no notice.

Let’s hope someone starts a petition so he doesn’t get a knighthood or ends up in the House of Lords.

As for the result I think Mrs May was too confident and was not intent to talk and meet the electorate as did other parties.

Mr Corbyn and his party concentrated on searching for a more equal UK by appealing to the young and older voters who this government has let down and going to let down once they get in power.

There have been mumblings of another election but who has paid for the last and if they decide they want another?

If it is out of the public purse then surely money can be spent elsewhere.

What gets me is when either party come up with an idea how come the others seem to 100 per cent disagree with the policy? Perhaps it’s because they didn’t think of it first.

With the state of the country why can’t the best MPs from each party get together and take this country forward?

As for the deal with the DUP I wonder what thoughts people would have if Sinn Fein decide to change their mind and turn up at Westminster.

Finally the terrible tower block tragedy, I am no expert in this but I thought all buildings and fire protection had to have a certificate before work was passed, in this case residents could live in such tower blocks.

If I am right and these outer panels are not fireproof how come this work was passed?

Who issued certificates to say all is well? Clearly it wasn’t.

I have not heard anyone ask these so-called experts how this cladding work was deemed safe. Unnecessary lives lost.

Someone from fire protection needs to be asked these questions.

A Johnson


Anyone with a brain

I don’t think BT of Chesterfield understands in making the point that I won’t be told. Anyone with a brain needs to understand that Sheffield United need to sign proper players and not lower-league players just to survive in the Championship.

Sheffield Wednesday have spent a lot, I agree, but have appeared in the play-offs for the last two seasons.

Jordan Rhodes also won’t be put on the transfer list.

Lee Johnson

by email

Maybe it was the machine

In answer to Lee Johnson’s letter in the Star about taking too long at ATMs, maybe it was the machine that was slow, a lot of them are.



The same architects?

Casting an eye over the office buildings in Sheffield city centre or should that read penthouse suites, one could be forgiven for thinking that preference has been given to the quality and amenities they have built into them is of a higher standard than the local authority high rise for people to live in.

Are they same architects who design and build council housing? I wouldn’t think so.

EB Warris

by email

Caused many problems

I totally agree with everything Dave said in his letter of June 23 and speaking to a lot of people across a lot of different backgrounds they feel the same.

The unfortunate thing about this is the man who ploughed into those peace- abiding Muslims leaving the place of worship has caused us so many problems because now we will have to watch our backs again when some of the Muslims will be using this incident in all types of scenarios to protect themselves.

What I fear most is that we reverted to the time when the child sexual exploitation was taking place and the police were turning a blind eye and actually protecting that community . I do not want this to happen again.

The police had to change their attitude and realise that fair is fair whichever community, religion or denomination relate to any crime committed, absolutely no exception.



Living in fear

The Star, Friday, June 23, Residents and shopkeepers in parts of Sheffield are living in fear due to street fights and violence, gang wars and drug dealing.

They should all be saying a big thank you to David Blunkett and Tony Blair as they were the ones who opened the floodgates and let all and sundry into the country.

Now we have overstretched schools, hospitals and public services and pensioners living too long get the blame.

The sooner Brexit gets sorted and we get control of our borders the better. Send all the foreign criminals home, don’t keep them at our expense in our luxury prisons.

I’m one of those people over 65 who the remainers call deluded and don’t know what we voted for. I can tell them they are the deluded ones.



Ski village is a disgrace

We drove up to the old Ski Village yesterday to see what was happening with it.

What a disgrace, could not believe the filth that is dumped. At the top there is what appears to be a travellers’ site.

Sheffield seems to be a dumping ground. It really makes me sad that our lovely city is being overrun with rubbish.