Chainsaw Massacre

A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
A sign on tree cut down by contractors in Rustlings Road
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I read an article in a national newspaper entitled The Chainsaw Massacre, about Sheffield’s treatment of its street trees and the campaigners. I wrote the following poem.

Sheffield’s Chainsaw Massacre

They say our Council is guilty of ‘Sanctioned Vandalism’ it would appear

But it’s not gang warfare or hooliganism that apparently we need to fear

They say it’s ‘lunacy’ to chop down an old heroic elm on Chelsea Road

So councillors please use some commonsense, listen to what you ‘re told!

And whilst on this heart felt subject I would be happier if you could

Save all the other healthy beautiful trees from their fate of firewood

Councillor Lodge says ‘The vast majority’ of Sheffield residents are on his side

But I think this is wishful thinking and perhaps a case of stubborn pride

Will he never admit the council’s wrong and show some genuine contrition

And remember that thousands of Sheffield folk have signed a tree petition?

We don’t want any more ‘dawn raids’ or campaigners in the dock

Stop this folly now before Sheffield becomes a national laughing stock

Greystones Heritage lover


Twenty’s plenty

Greens have been pushing for 20mph speed limits on all residential roads except main routes since 2008. So the proposed 20mph speed limit for whole of the city centre, (excluding main roads), is welcomed.

City Ward has the worst road safety accident statistics in the city.

It has been left behind as 20mph schemes were developed around other residential areas. Slower vehicle speeds mean not just safer roads but less air pollution and noise, which is very important in built-up residential areas.

Portsmouth’s citywide scheme cost just £573,000 in 2008. A similar trailblazing citywide scheme then would have been massively more cost effective than Sheffield’s piecemeal approach. But this scheme covers a large, clearly defined area so drivers will be aware of the consistent speed limit. The soon to be implemented Greystones to Whirlow scheme is on a similar large scale.

The consultation continues until August 11 with comments to be submitted via e-mail to Find out more about the benefits of 20mph speed limits at

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

Maintenance of grass verges

I think Lee Johnson is a man after my own heart. I have ranted at the council for years about their open space maintenance programme.

Even suggesting they cut back on the number of grass cuts so they can clean up properly after the few they do.

I hate to see piles of brown grass dying in what is supposed to be green spaces and the muddy tracks left by mowers.

I do like to see grass verges, in the right places.

When I heard that all the roads and footpaths in Sheffield were going to be resurfaced I did expect there would be a street audit first, maybe people would be asked to suggest improvements to their area, making sure there were breaks in grass verges on opposite sides of a road so pedestrians could cross the roads, putting in crossings and dropped kerbs where needed, even changing verges for parking bays where that would make more sense.

But sense seems to be in short supply in this fair city of ours, instead of seeing this as a wonderful opportunity to make improvements, all that Amey has been told to do is replace like for like, in other words what is wrong will stay wrong no matter how much it costs us!

J Allinson

by email

Snooker tickets

My husband has been every year to the Snooker Championships at the Crucible, usually for a few matches in the first week. He went along to the Crucible box office earlier this month to see about ordering tickets for next year, to his surprise he was told there were no seats at all.

They were all sold out already.

We were talking to our son who lives and works in Taiwan and told him about this.

He immediately looked it up on line and found that an agency had tickets for the early matches and they were at least three times what we paid this year.

They were priced in Taiwanese dollars.

Are the people of Sheffield aware of what is happening?

Diane Stirton

by email

Overpaid at the BBC

I would hope that it is the overpaid males that are paid downward and not females paid upwards - none of them are worth this sort of public money.

I also have to wonder if they are paying the highest rate of tax and we are recouping 40% of their income or as I suspect they have accountants spreading the money around tax havens and tax evasion schemes like the rest of the high earners.



Hillsborough corner

‘Hillsborough’s looking a bit ropey’ someone said to me recently.

Monday, July 10, and I’m emerging from a welcome stint on the benches in God’s Waiting Room/The Elephants Graveyard in Hillsborough Precinct.

I espy a youngish chap squatting on the pavement outside Bet Fred, after two exhortation’s from a female assistant he moves on. A younger-still chap in Subway laments the days ‘when Hillsborough was a nice place’.

What about some recognition of the bloke who tends the flower beds and open space on Hillsborough Corner? He lives in the big house that had the blue lamp, (not of the nick), but a local doctor on the corner of Holme Lane. An unsung hero doing his bit to stop the area going too ‘ropey’.

Ron Clayton-your local flanneur


Extra security

Following on from a number of break-ins, earlier in the year, a successful Crowdfunding appeal for increased security at Graves Park Animal Farm was launched.

As a result of the funding raised, the farm have now introduced some extra security measures to deter would-be thieves.

A big thank you to everyone who donated towards the Crowdfunding page, your continued support for our much loved Graves Park Animal Farm is much appreciated.

Diana Stimely

Chair Sheffield 50Plus Graves Park Forum