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The central library is a beautiful building, built for purpose.

It is an integral part of the cultural quarter of the city centre.

It is a landmark.

Suzy Cochrane

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My thoughts today

My chin is on the floor today

Another season in the championship my team will play

Just what happened to our so-called squad of stars

That if it was a game of golf they were aiming for pars

These prima donnas that have no passion for our city or club

They were just not good enough and that’s the nub

A depression will now fall on half our city

And exacerbated by the other half that will show no consolation or pity

It will be on our minds each day and our enthusiasm for anything will drop

As likened to a bad dream that you wish you could stop

We must hope now for changes to players or staff

For someone in all this pain must pay for this unacceptable gaff

Poem by Robin Gissing snr

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Let’s all be kinder

Having been hobbling around for the last two weeks thanks to fractured toes I can honestly say that people are very impatient if you walk slowly.

Tut tut, I have heard, people say as they push past me because I am walking at a snail’s pace.

If this is what it’s like when you get older and have to take a slower pace I am dreading it.

Let’s all be kinder to each other, not be in a constant rush.

Wonderful first-class service from the NHS as always.

Jayne Grayson

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Silly little band

Re: Peter G, (May 15), The Lane and all the grounds in the Football League don’t want your silly little band because genuine supporters don’t want to hear their pathetic, tuneless, racket.

The Owls Band are employed for England matches because the management must feel sorry for them.

The best place for them to go bouncing, chanting and singing is on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean.



The proof of the pudding

Reading the Star Food and Drink feature, (May 17, 2017), I must question the ratings given by your staff diners.

Your emeritus dining critic Martin Dawes gave realistic marks based on the meal as a whole – with food being the main focus.

Your new gourmets seem to have a different approach when assessing the merits of the meal.

In your Edison’s review they extol the great value lunch, yet the food is only rated three stars out of five.

While service and atmosphere are important considerations, surely the quality, preparation and presentation of the food should be the prime factor in assessing the meal.

Similarly, the Takeaway Focus on the Curry Pot gives an overall rating of five stars when the food was only rated three stars.

A critical comment being made that the chicken madras ‘blew both of our heads off and much of it went to waste’.

By all means give credit where it is due, but not an overall five stars for three star rated food.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Footnote: Each score is separate, there is no overall rating. This was the system that Martin Dawes used.

They know not what they say

I totally agree with Susan Richardson’s letter regarding the residents of Maple Grove Handsworth.

“Susan forgive them for they know not what they say”, as you say the path situation can easily be resolved. I wonder what would happen if any of the residents had a broken leg, would they cut it off to solve the pain?

Most people blame the trees for dropping the sticky liquid on cars but it’s the waste product of aphids that drops on cars, perhaps small toilets could be installed to stop this normal event happening but after saying that, the council would probably close them,.

The life cycle of a tree is to issue leaves, then blossom, which in turn produces its next generation of its kind through fruit and nuts. I love trees, in winter their bare branches, spring the first flush of its leaves leading to the many shades of green their leaves have

Trees are the givers of life, the only other living thing that gives more to the environment is plankton that produces over 50 per cent of the world’s oxygen.

I’ve seen Amey fell perfectly good trees for the sake of a protruding root.

It takes a good hundred years to produce a good mature tree, once it’s felled it’s gone and it takes probably a couple of days to repair a path or kerb,sheer folly.

Not so Jolly Green Giant

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Wasting money

I’ve worked in a doctors sugery for more than 20 years and every two weeks we receive an electronic GP Bulletin giving us the latest news, jobs etc.

Imagine my surprise when I read this.

Item 4 – Diabetes Prevention Programme is awarded NHSE funding.

The Diabetes Prevention Programme (DPP) have been awarded further programme funding from NHSE to help generate referrals.

Funding will kick-start from May 2, payments to practices for referrals will be as follows:

£10 per referral;

£6 for each referral that converts to IA (initial assessment)*

I thought that doctors were supposed to refer patients on clinical need and not if a financial carrot is dangled in front of them.

So if you are a little bit chubby, don’t exercise and eat all the wrong things, next time you walk in to see your GP, don’t be surprised if he has pound signs pop up in his eyes like some 1960s cartoon character!​

Name & address supplied

I remember Oak Apple Day

I remember celebrating Oak Apple Day on May 29 at school in the 1940s.

Graham A Oxley

View Tree Close, Harley, Rotherham, S62

Blue badge stolen

Last week my daughter had her blue disability parking badge with a photograph and the name, Susan Parkin on it stolen. A set of Fiat tools was also stolen. If anyone is offered these tell the police.

Alan Parkin


What a shame

Hi there Pete Godfrey and Chris ‘windup’ Gee. I told you Sheffield Wednesday were going nowhere weeks ago, now give some credit to the best team in the city.

What a shame, another year without ground improvements. See you next season but I won’t be coming to Hillsborough.