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In his letter on July 25, Eamonn Ward, of the Green Party, regarding the proposed 20mph speed limit, stated, “Slower vehicle speeds means less air pollution and noise”.

This may be the case when reducing speed from say 70mph to 45mph, but it certainly does not apply when using a speed limit of 20mph.

I must assume Eamonn Ward does not drive a car, otherwise he ought to know that travelling at 20mph consumes more fuel than at a higher speed, in a higher gear, thus causing greater air pollution. A car engine also makes more noise in lower gears.

Having being thus educated, will he and the Green Party, now throw their weight against the 20mph proposal, that will affect the health of the people of Sheffield, by causing greater air pollution? This also applies to Sheffield City Council, who used the same “fake facts’’, when presenting their proposal.

Regarding the City Ward having the worst road safety accident statistics in the city, I would guess that there are far more people walking about in the city, than in the suburbs, so it stands to reason that there would be more chance of an accident happening there.

Mike Lawton


Ashamed of Sheffield

How much would it cost the Council to get out of the contract with Amey?

They’ve clearly negotiated a deal which traps the Council, somehow making you beholden and subservient to them, supporting them and enabling them to continue destroying healthy trees. I wrote in November last year, saying I used to be proud to live in Sheffield, and expressing my disgust at the heavy handed techniques employed by the police on Rustlings Road. But those techniques persist, albeit in a slightly more covert way, with Council employees filming and bullying and prosecuting protesters. And all this in spite of national media coverage.

I reiterate: I used to be proud to live in Sheffield. Now I am embarrassed and ashamed.

Jen Coldwell

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Where’s the cash gone?

Reading with interest the city-wide problems with grass cutting, I as TARA secretary for Greenhill/Bradway, went to a meeting about grass on council estates in March. I was so pleased to hear our area maneger announce that due to extra funding all grass cutting in the south areas of the city would be litter picked, the grass cut, followed by people who would sweep or blow any cuttings. So the areas would look nice, weed cutting and spraying would also be done.

This was greeted with great happiness by all attendees, but alas that’s not the case. No litter picks, grass cut but not as often and as for sweeping paths and weeding, we have some 4ft high. I haven’t heard yet what has gone wrong, but it’s a disaster. I was in Whitby only last week and they even had men weeding between the flagstones and cobbles.

So where’s the extra cash gone that’s been paid to the parks to ensure the jobs are done as paid for?


Sec Greenhill/Bradway TARA

Help tracing someone

May I, through your columns, seek help in tracing someone who used to live in Dronfield? She is Kirsty-Louise Miley and used to live on Marsh Avenue.

She will be in her mid-20s and her mother is called Deborah. I have some information which may be to her advantage. Anybody who has any information, please ring me on 01246 291185, or write to my address, 41 Oakhill Road, Dronfield, S18.

Robert S Platts

by email

Is leadership lacking?

Is something very wrong in the police force? On Sunday, July 23, 2017 there was an accident on the A1M around midnight. Motorists unlucky enough to be caught up behind this were left on the carriageway for seven and a half hours by South Yorkshire Police. We were expected to just sleep in our cars.

The hard shoulder was available to take cars and smaller vehicles back to the previous junction. South Yorkshires finest refused to listen to any suggestion or attempts to persuade them to take that course of action. Is it time all the five forces in Yorkshire were merged into one? Is leadership lacking in South Yorkshire Constabulary? Scotland merged all their seven forces into one making massive savings which could be used to deploy more front line police.

Nigel Boddy, solicitor

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Longest road in Sheffield

In answer to EB Warris’s question about the longest road in Sheffield. I would have thought in Sheffield wither Crookesmoor Road or Ecclesall Road are the longest, I may be wrong.

Lee Johnson

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A woeful recycling rate

We await the truth behind the GMB leaked e-mail suggesting Veolia have been burning waste due to be recycled since 2011. Greens warned from the start that the Veolia contract would offer no incentive to increase recycling as the incinerator would need to be fed waste.

Sixteen years on our woeful recycling rate is miles behind other South Yorkshire councils. Getting to the truth could be difficult. Like Streets Ahead, the Veolia contract is only publicly available in a heavily redacted form that strips out all the key information the public wants to know. What we are told by spokespersons about these contracts and working relationships with the council can never be verified. The Veolia contract may be terminated early in 2018 but Streets Ahead is due to last until 2037. That’s 20 more years of not knowing what the council signed us up to and what is being done to us using the taxes we pay.

The street trees campaign has shown why we have to fight for transparency. The protest injunction court case might see key parts of the Amey contract revealed in public doing us all a service. These expensive and undemocratic contracts need to be seen by the many not the few.

Eamonn Ward

Sheffield Green Party

Is the new law working?

One person fined in two years smoking in a car with children, it’s asked is the new law working? Let’s be honest the police have bigger crimes to solve than smoking around kids in cars. You shouldn’t need the threat of a fine to not smoke near children. Only a moron would think it’s acceptable for a child to breathe in these fumes in a confined space. People should police themselves.

Jayne Grayson

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