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Council parking
Council parking
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I thought readers might be interested in an example of Sheffield City Council workers caring for the environment in our ‘Greenest City’.

This picture was taken recently on a quiet mid-morning when there was plenty of room to park without parking on the verge.

As you can see there is quite a lot of damage to the verges from the public parking on them too but it would have been good if the council workers set an example by parking on the road.

Perhaps a better solution would have been if Streets Ahead had put a bit of hard-standing into this verge.



Something needs doing

When I sent in the picture of the man in the doorway on Fargate I had mixed feelings, I was intruding on someone’s space, I wasn’t sure if it was right, but let’s be honest, that part of town is getting quite bad.

Since the bank shut it’s become a meeting point for many.

As you come into town from the Haymarket there are beggars aplenty and you carry on walking to be greeted by more.

There’s one outside the sandwich shop where I go most days.

I feel sorry for him so will get him a snack, he’s wrapped up in a sleeping bag with the cutest dog you could ever see.

To beg must be dreadful and they will all have different reasons as to why life has become like this.

I sympathise with them but it’s making the town look very neglected.

The council or some charities need to walk round and try to offer help.

We are told never give money to beggars and I wouldn’t, but some solution needs coming up with.

It’s 2017 and people are still living on the streets.

Jayne Grayson

by email

NHS moaners and groaners

Everyone from politicians to the ordinary man in the street are constantly moaning about our NHS budget and the care we do not take of our old and vulnerable people including mental health.

They all moan and groan about the lack of money available to keep this great institution going.

I must admit that I am not a great admirer of Lord Tebbit but maybe the people holding the purse strings should do as he suggests, and care about our own people first instead of concentrating on foreigners.

We now give away around £13 billion in foreign aid and have been giving for years, yet nothing seems to change, apart from new Savile Row suits and upgraded Mercedes.

Some of these countries are far richer than us, icluding China and India. We even send aid to Mexico and over £370 million to Pakistan where they also have their own space programme as well as being a hotbed for terrorist activities.

As Lord Tebbit said: “We now think more of foreigners than our own.”

It is time it was stopped and we sorted out our own problems first, then these ‘foreigners’ could have what’s left.

And before the PC ‘bleeding hearts’ brigade start moaning’, I hope none of you or your families have to be thrown to one side and told to wait for whatever treatment is needed because of lack of money.

By the way, does anyone really believe that our NHS is safe in the ‘nasty party’s’ hands ?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Why poison the future?

Martin Smith wrote a great column in The Star this week.

The conduct of the Germans, and other foreign visitors to the great city of Sheffield was exemplary,to say the least.

How different our lot over in Germany.

Once again the boneheads have brought shame to England with their inane chanting about the World Wars,their booing of the German national anthem,pouring beer down on the German supporters from the stand where many of the halfwits were housed.

Great credit to the Germans for not retaliating,though many must have felt like it.

The Scots, who sent more men and woman to war per capita than any of the other home nations, don’t carry on in the vile way that we do when they play the Germans.

Neither do the Welsh or Irish so why do our lot behave like they do?

This has been going on among English fans for years but no manager of our national team has ever unreservedly condemned it.

Gareth Southgate is the latest to turn a blind eye to the fans who are hellbent on causing mayhem whenever we play the Germans.

My old granny used to say “No one should forget the past,but why poison the future”.

I rest my case.

George HJ Frederick

Fitzwilliam Street, Swinton,Mexborough S64

Environmental vandalism

Surely, after the street trees debacle, the city council is not about to commit another act of environmental vandalism by allowing the devastation of an ancient woodland, Smithy Wood, to make way for a new service station and shopping complex at junction 35 of the M1?

This planning application should be dismissed.

Why propose another development when Woodall and Woolley Wood services plus Meadowhall are a short drive away?

Developers would have you believe that woodlands can be replaced. Nonsense. Ancient woods taken hundreds of years to mature.

Smithy Wood should be protected and enhanced.

The council must show that they can, after all, be wise guardians of the environment.

Paul Thompson

by email

Estate going to the dogs

It was sad reading about the demise of Parson Cross where I was born and bred.

It was never like than when I was growing up there. Sure,there was the odd idiot but tell me an estate that didn’t have.

I think we are now getting the knock-on effect of the so- called Swinging 60s, where everyone was laid back and didn’t give a damn about anything and now their siblings have carried on the same .

I was brought up by a fairly strict working class family.

I didn’t do drugs or go around in gangs, mugging,stabbing people and I turned out alright and we’ve tried to bring our kids up with the same morals.

Such a shame seeing my old stomping ground going to the dogs.

What makes it worse is you can’t see a solution.

Ted Fowler

by email