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The Rotary Club of Wortley would like to thank all who attended the 20th Vintage and Classic Car Rally at Wortley Hall in July.

Thanks to you all, the magnificent sum of £6,000 was raised for Sheffield Children’s Hospital and other local charities. We hope to see you all again next year.

David Atkinson

PRO (Rotary Club of Wortley)

Council services

Can anyone enlighten me as to why the Sheffield Council Housing Service is at PO BOX 10589 In NOTTINGHAM, yes Nottingham.

Haven’t we enough empty office space in Sheffield?

Vin Malone

by email

Loxley cemetery

In a recent visit to Sheffield, my birthplace, I thought I would go and see the grave of my grandparents at Loxley Cemetery.

When I was young, and my grandmother still alive, I visited many times cleaning and caring for my grandad’s grave with her. I am now living in the South, where my church ministry took me. I discovered a graveyard completely overgrown with brambles and scrub.

While I was distressed at the state it was in, I really felt very sad for the people I met there, who were trying to tend their loved one’s graves against great odds in this wilderness.

One man had a portable machine with which he tried to cut through the jungle to access the family grave he had tended for many years.

Someone else had come with long loppers and poison to try and enable them to carve out a way to their relative’s grave. I was told how some men had come promising to cut it all down, they had started and gone away and not been seen again.

Looking around some of the slightly cleared area I discovered a war grave, with only a small area of clearance around the stone. Seeing all the well kept war graves in Belgium and other places, I had to wonder if this is how we should respect someone who gave their lives in service of the country.

Further research showed that it is also the burial place of many of the victims of the 1864 Sheffield Flood.

I do not know who is now responsible for the upkeep of this last resting place for so many Sheffield people, but I hope that a way can be found to make this a more restful place and easier for the relatives to attend and continue to respect their dead.

The Reverend Roger North BSc

Deal, Kent

I sympathise with you

In reply to the letter from Friends of Concord, I do sympathise with you on the demise of your bowling pavilion. I know first hand how frustrating it is to get anyone to do anything to help you out. To say we’re supposed to be a leading city of sport, they’re not very forthcoming when you are in need of a little help.

I ran football teams for over 20 years and I had plenty of run-ins with the parks department. We used to play on the Steel City ground opposite Concord Sports Centre. They were lovely flat pitches and we even had our own changing rooms, which, I was led to believed, were built a few decades ago by some local tradesmen, with permission from the council. How true that is I don’t know but we had a small problem.

For some reason the steward at the social club on the grounds, refused to lock the gates to the grounds as he left for home at night.

This was an invitation for joy riders to race around the place at will.

I used to ring the office at Meersbrook every Monday and ask the manager to contact the club steward and tell him to lock the premises at night. Not a lot to ask but he never did.

We had a burnt-out car on our pitch one Sunday which caused quite a few games to be postponed. We had the changing rooms broken into and vandalised, still nothing.

I recommended they fit a quarter plate metal door, which opened outwardly, so as to make it more difficult to kick in, which they did.

Then one Sunday morning our worse fears happened. Some idiot in a stolen car rammed it into the wall of the changing rooms and left a sizeable hole.

I rang Meersbrook the next day to inform them that they were going to need a couple of bricklayers and some bricks to repair the damage. The building ended up being flattened.

Now just think how much cost and devastation would have been saved for the cost of a phone call or a letter.

Ted Fowler

by email

Letter was spot on

I don’t always agree with Jayne Grayson and her letters but her one about Charles and Camilla was spot on.

Channel 4 were right to let the people know just how Diana was treated and outcast by the Royal family.

The Queen should have put a stop to Charles’ affair but instead she encouraged it.

There should be a lot of Royal heads hanging in shame.

Diana will always be a goddess to a lot of us.



Support for proposals?

In responding to Michael Gove’s intervention on the council’s tree felling programme, Bryan Lodge highlights “a number of inaccuracies” in his letter and that “there is a lot of misinformation around”.

If there is one thing that categorises the ruling Labour group’s approach throughout it is consistent and deliberate inaccuracies and misinformation. For example, since when has people not replying to a consultation been interpreted as implying their support for council proposals?

Rachel Hardy

Sheffield Green Party

Log-in changes

May I compliment The Star in changing its log-in feature on the comment section of Your Say. I am all in favour of free speech, but many strands on the site had been completely taken over in the past months by multiple flooding identities who were drowning out comment and putting people off commenting in the first place.

I note however, The Star’s sister paper – Yorkshire Post is still using the classic log-in and so has now attracted the full attention of the flooding that used to frequent these pages.

Well done The Star, wake up YP.

C Webb

Base Green

Sheffield City Council

With the ongoing criticism of its actions from people at local, national and international level, I believe Sheffield City Council can only be described in one word – Floccinaucinihilipilification.

Alan Wooldridge

by email