Candidate was not superb enough

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Around this time last year, in the lead-up to the General Election, you published letters from Councillor Isobel Bowler and other members of the Labour Party trying to persuade those of us who live in the Sheffield Hallam constituency to vote for Oliver Coppard, the Labour Candidate.

They told us what a wonderful candidate he was and that he would make a superb MP.

Interesting then that such a wonderful candidate wasn’t even shortlisted for the safe Labour seat of Brightside.

Of course Gill Furniss was the obvious and worthy choice to replace her late husband and in such a safe seat she will certainly be elected.

However the candidate who was supposedly a superb choice for Hallam was quite clearly not superb enough to be a suitable candidate for a safe Labour seat.

Joan Stratford

Slayleigh Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield, S10