Cameron is panicking

David Cameron
David Cameron
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Back in the 70s, there was a cult whose name escapes me, but it was led by a bloke called Jim Jones.

He and his followers fled the USA, one step ahead of the law and decamped to Guyana down South America way. In the way of these things, reality set in and the whole thing began to fragment. Knowing the game was up, the Rev Jim ordered his followers to drink poisoned orange juice and that was that.

In recent days, the panic in David Cameron’s manner has become almost tangible.

One claim is that benefits for pensioners, such as bus passes, TV licences and pensions, cannot be guaranteed in the event of Brexit due to a huge black hole that will appear in the nation’s finances.

It is curious that the PM didn’t threaten to cut foreign aid, presumably because that would be more likely to accelerate Brexit.

When the referendum campaign began, the Government claimed that leaving the EU would be a leap in the dark and then went on to tell us of all the things that would befall us.

Presumably, the Remain camp have some sort of night vision apparatus the rest of us don’t possess.

Now, I wouldn’t compare David Cameron to a mass murderer, but among other things he is a damn liar and I’m a damn fool for voting for him.

I think I know which I’d rather be.