Buses DO exist but...

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Your anonymous correspondant who never saw a bus at the new Fox Valley Centre unfortunately went on the wrong day. As the timetable in the shelter clearly shows, had he/she gone on a Wednesday, they’d have found an excellent South Pennine Community Transport hourly bus service to Midhope, Langsett, Dunford and on to Holmfirth.

Quite why Wednesday appears to be a mystery. It’s not even market day in Holmfirth! Perhaps it’s to do with vehicle and driver availability.

Meanwhile Travel SY shows a distinct lack of interest. It’s “thinking” about sending the 201 the few hundred yards down the slope, but there’s no sign at all of when and given that the 201 is a Stocksbridge circular in one direction only, far from ideal.

It would, however, be a six days a week hourly Fox Valley bus and as a walking stick user, would get me into the place when I avoid walking down that slope, especially in wet or frosty weather.

Come on, Travel SY and Stagecoach, get your act together! This is a potential major customer source.


Exiled Old Valley Hand