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One of my memories of the year 2017 will be travelling by public transport on Boxing Day.

I left home at 12.20pm to pick up a friend who lives at Hoyland. We parked the car in the centre of Chapeltown then walked to Market Place to catch the 13.06 service into Sheffield. This bus was running 10 minutes late and there was a line of people waiting to board.

From the information I go there was just one bus per hour running – would you believe this on a major bus corridor? Disgraceful or what?

We observed on the route at major stops a volume of numbers waiting to board at Ecclesfield, Sheffield Lane Top, Firth Park, Barnsley Rod, Fir Vale and Burngreave Road.

When we got into the city it was the same again at Tesco, Waingate, High Street, Pinstone Street and where we alighted in Cumberland Street. This bus then went to Herdings and terminated there. Thankfully the bus operator First put on double deckers otherwise many would have been left behind.

The journey after leaving Firth Park was full and standing. There were three prams on board, people standing with walking aids, shopping bags, with some sitting on the stairs.

It was taking passengers up to seven minutes to get on and off the bus and matters were made worse with people asking the driver the time of the buses to get back home, and what the last one on the route running out of the city was.

Our return journey in the afternoon was more of the same, bus running 20 minutes late, pac ked to the rafters.

What went wrong? This Sheffield Bus Partnership got it all wrong again, they failed to recognise that Boxing Day is a major day in our calendar.

On this day there are sales, football, hospital visits taking place along with the fact that many return to work and rely on public transport getting them there and back.

What we witnessed on Boxing Day 2017 was a shambles.

For 2018 the SBP need to get their act together and provide more buses, look at more routes, and issue printed timetables for the festive season.

The bus drivers who were under pressure did a superb job, they deserve a medal, and can’t be blamed for the fiasco.

John Yale,

High Green

Good will for 2018

It is a time of good will for 2018 and may all the problems disappear.

Wingerworth has gone from one large village to a town. To stop this a giant car park could be put at the other end of the large village.

While these arguments take place another headache appears in the shape of fracking.

It is in/near our village, it does not matter if it will do the country any good.

Three issues that affect people’s lives are the issues of importance.

How do these problems get solved?

Ballot, vote or referendum it is a matter of concern on all three issues.

I have been thinking with all those elderly people living in or near Wingerworth what a nice place for an old people’s care home, especially with the Peak National Park with 100,000 people living there.

Frank Hardy

by email

Treated as a nuisance

Regarding your ‘waiting for the gasman letter from Jackie Bailey in the Star on December 22, I had very similar treatment from SCC but that was the third time this had happened.

The good workmen, and there are many employed by SCC, are well aware of this problem.

On November 11 I rang to make a complaint and was not allowed to do this.

That call took over 25 minutes.

I am 89 and I am treated by SCC as an nuisance, as are many others.


EcclesfieldHigh Green

Too much information

I have Muslim friends, obviously Christmas is a no no. They are not bothered if we celebrate the yuletide they have their celebrations we have ours, so what.

Seeing Amir Khan getting a backlash on social media because he put a Christmas tree up for his little daughter, maybe he’s only a part-time Muslim, he picks the bits that suit him at the time. Maybe joining in a tradition that we enjoy so his daughter can embrace it was what he was thinking.

Why all the haters? Is this really worth all the abuse.

Then again I don’t get why people want to overshare on social media. You have toast for brekkie you put that fact on social media.

He puts a tree up and posts a snap, maybe it’s best just to keep some things private and save all the aggro.

Jayne Grayson

by emai

Questions for new year

Some questions for Sheffield’s New Year

Goodbye to the old year but what did we all get?

More unfilled promises and Sheffield’s further in debt

Sevenstone got cancelled, there’s worse things than that

Why is it onwards and upwards for all those souless flats?

However there’s two historic jewels left in Tudor Square

The Lyceum and the Central Library still remain there

Though not far away garish flats look cheap and tawdry

Who on earth chose those colours so clashing and gaudy?

Now I don’t want to dictate to others their own moral code

But this year I think Sheffield took an unwise un-PC road

Sheffield has always been broadminded this much I know

But in the present climate are more sex clubs really the way to go?

Then our latest folly makes me fear for some poor Sheffielder’s survival

If ‘urgent care services’ move miles away might some be dead on arrival?

Why don’t Doncaster and Barnsley want to share our new mayor?

I wonder if perhaps there’s something that we’re not seeing there?

Sheffield once had a reputation for openness and a fair democracy

Has that now been sullied by the secrecy surrounding our street trees?

If you think you ‘deserve better’, will you speak up loud and clear?

And let’s all try and put the beating heart back in Sheffield this year.

Did I hear you ask if I’m feeling better now I’ve had my little moan?

Well yes, but make no mistake I love Sheffield, after all it is my home