Bus company madness

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On Sunday, September 4, I spent a lovely few hours at the MacMillan gala in Ecclesfield Park, but getting home was madness.

I got to the bus stop at Morrisons at 1.30 pm, the 83 Stagecoach bus was scheduled for 1.48. It arrived on time but I got “sorry love I’m finishing at Mill Road, (two stops on).

OK, I’ll sit for another half hour, then the 83 First turned up “sorry love I’m turning into a 20 at Mill Road” (Barmy).

OK, I’ll sit for another half hour, so at 2.48 an out- of-service Stagecoach pulls up and a nice driver shouts “what bus do you want?” 83 we shout.

OK, get on, I’m not in service until we get to Mill Road.

What a nice man, so eventually I get home.

Have the bus companies gone mad again?

How are we supposed to know that the 83 turns into 20 and vice versa? Madness.

Anne Gray

Colley Crescent, Sheffield