Bring it on Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon
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Whining Scots politicians Sturgeon, Robertson and Salmond are just like the ‘bed wetting Brexit remoaners’ in their quest for Scottish independence, yet want to be dependent on the EU.

Income from their oil down 97% from £1.8 billion to £60 million this year makes Scotland’s budget deficit worse than Greece.

We English taxpayers continue to maintain their reckless spending, they can continue being an integral part of the UK with all the subsidies or bend their knee at the undemocratic EU.

Sturgeon thinks they can get some cosy deal outside the UK which is just a farce, what other EU member has a special deal?

As someone once said “Scotland is like Greece but without the sunshine”.

Sturgeon and company would have to join the euro, pay a membership fee, accept brutal austerity cuts, massive tax increases, lose the Barnet formulae which gives Scots £1600/head more than people in England, which means a lawyer in Scotland is more deserving than an unemployed miner in South Yorkshire, I think not.

So! I say bring it on Sturgeon, I dare you.

Of course the Scots aren’t called ‘canny’ for nothing.

Terry Palmer

Hoyland, Barnsley, S74