Brexit is not the answer

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J Bull (Star, February 9) wants us all to believe that “Brexit” would cure most of the ills of this country.

While that topic may well be worth debating, the pure ignorance and prejudice of this person shines through.

The ills of the nation are all down to immigrants apparently, because all we need to do is to “boot out all the Europeans, undesirable immigrants and all the other immigrants and all will be well.

“We will once again be able to get homes, empty surgeries, hospitals and schools” we are told.

Of course, the housing shortage has nothing to do with the fact that successive governments since Thatcher have sold off much of our social housing (council houses) without building replacements, and encouraged house prices to go through the roof so that half the population just can’t afford to buy.

J Bull is right in one respect however, because if we “boot out” all the immigrants we will certainly find empty surgeries and hospitals, for the simple reason that there would be even fewer doctors than now. In my experience doctors are increasingly foreign, we train far too few and retain far too few of those we do train.

The new immigrant-free UK of J Bull’s dreams will be built on fossil fuels (“billions of tons of coal under our feet”), despite science telling us that we urgently need to move away from fossil fuels for the sake of the environment and the future of our kids and grandkids.

Even worse, this planet- destroying fuel will be mined by the use of forced labour on a scale not seen since the days of Hitler and Stalin.

I am not a big fan of the European project, which I think is doomed to failure.

However, I feel that most people here would be even worse off if we left.

Mr JS Robinson

Quantock Close, Thorne, Doncaster DN8