Brenda’s pigeons

Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem
Pigeons at The Moor are becoming a problem
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I would like to reply to Brenda Wilkinson who addresses me personally in The Star, December 1, (Gary and the pigeons).

Firstly and most importantly, your family’s, (and dog’s), health problems Brenda. You say your husband has suffered two brain haemorrhages, that he now has dementia and communication problems and that you have been visiting him every day for 14 months. I have some experience in this area Brenda. In 2015 my precious mum passed away in the Hallamshire Acute Stroke Unit (ASU – Ward Q2). I found her collapsed in the pantry one dreadful Sunday night and spent the next three and a half months visiting her every day in hospital. Before that my dad was in and out of just about every hospital in Sheffield for ten years until he eventually died of cancer. Most of my family have suffered from stroke. So I have a very good idea of what you must be going through Brenda and believe me when I say that I have genuine sympathy with your plight.

As regards the pigeons saga. You must realise that your family health problems and the sporting banter between Susan Richardson and myself are utterly incomparable issues. When I sent in “My Last Pigeon Post” I had every intention of moving on to other more exacting topics. Sadly Susan Richardson had other ideas. No sooner have I lowered my guard than she has taken the opportunity to deliver a couple of cheap shots seductively embedded in a letter about plastic waste pollution, (Star, November 30). Nice one Susan.

You may rest assured that “My Last Pigeon Post” will remain just that and hopefully we shall see no more of the now infamous picture of pigeons on The Moor. And Brenda, I would also like to assure you that I am nothing remotely like the mean spirited insensitive ogre that Ms Richardson would have you believe.

Finally, if your garden pigeons give you solace then I am pleased for you. In fact you can have some of mine if you like. My very best wishes to you Brenda and I sincerely hope that things improve for you, your family and dog in the New Year.

Gary Crosby

by email

Changing times

The engagement of Prince Harry to his divorcee American girlfriend Meghan Markle is currently making the headlines in the world and national news media. The couple are obviously in love with each other and deserve every future happiness together.

Compare their current situation with the one faced in 1936 by the then Prince of Wales, and later Edward 8th, who had to abdicate his kingdom because he fell in love with Wallis Simpson, an American socialite divorcee.

In those days the concept of the heir to the British throne marrying a divorcee was taboo. The Royal Family, Church of England, and the political establishment were all up in arms about the prospect of the very popular Prince of Wales marrying the love of his life. The outcome was that Edward 8th who reigned as King of the United Kingdom, the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India from January 20, 1936, abdicated his titles on December 11, 1936 to become HRH the Duke of Windsor. Mrs Simpson was refused the title of Her Royal Highness and given the title of Duchess of Windsor, the couple married in 1937 and lived abroad, the Duke dying in Paris in 1972.

All too often in life one can look back to the old days, and rightly so, when things were perceived to be better than today. In this case the opposite definitely applies.

Today there is a much more tolerant approach by Royalty, Church, and Political Establishment towards divorce. Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew all being divorced and three of them remarried and accepted back into Society by all bodies, unlike the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

I suggest that everyone should wish Harry and Meghan well in their new life together, it is a pity that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor could not have been accorded the same consideration and acceptance prior to and after their marriage in 1937.

As the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s 1964 popular song say, “The Times They Are a-Changing.” In Harry and Meghan’s future marriage I hope it is all for the better in everyone’s eyes.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Thanks James

On Thursday, November 30, I had a heavy fall in the Granville Road area.

A passing motorist stopped to ask if I required help and insisted on taking me home to Intake, even though he lived in the Abbeydale Road area.

I was too shaken up to enter into much conversation, but I believe that he said his name was James.

I would just like to place on record my thanks for this act of kindness and assure the young man that I have no serious or lasting injury.

Philip Wells,

Alnwick Road, S12

Re-surfacing problems

Amey is to re-surface Leighton Road, Gleadless Road, including Blackstock Road.

People living on the 56 route have no option but walk to the nearest bus stop at Gleadless Medical Centre because, while Leighton Road is being given a much needed new surface, the 56 route is being re-routed up Blackstock Road to the terminus at Herdings Park, leaving the older residents around and on Leighton Road, who cannot walk far, unable to get a bus to town.

It’s impossible for these vulnerable people to walk up to the terminus as recommended by, your friend and my friend, Amey, as it’s up hill all the way.

It also means that school children, young and old, will have to walk but some of the unemployed will get taxis! Workers have no option but to walk.

On the other hand people living on Blackstock Road will have the same problems when their road gets spruced up but it will mean we will have the choice of three bus routes running up and down Leighton Road when the 1 and 1A is re-routed to the Herdings terminus.

This has been meticulously worked out by those at the council, Amey and First buses, so no one is inconvenienced, they wish.

I know this work is needed and has to be done but some kind of service to help people get about their business could have been worked out other than no service at all.

Mrs Green Giant and myself are in the same boat but I’m a perfect Adonis with strength and beauty and I can easily carry Mrs GG on my shoulders, no problem.

But the re-surfacing could and should have been worked out on site and not over a map on a computer, you cannot see hills and gradients on Google maps without going on to street view which it seems the three agencies didn’t bother to do, not everyone has a car.

The Fit Green Giant

by email